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Using this service, students can personalize their e-mail addresses based on the principle name[pnkts]surnameatrsu[pnkts]edu[pnkts]lv. Personalizing your e-mail address requires that you take into account the guidelines.


  • You can create your personalized e-mail when logging into Student portal MyRSU and click on tile "Personalised e-mail alias".


  • When this window opens, please enter the desired e-mail address and check its availability (Click Verify availability of e-mail).

email alias I.PNG

  • If the student wishes that the recipient receives mails from the newly created personalized email, then please tick in the checkbox I prefer to use this e-mail address as primary communication source

Email aliasII.PNG

Conditions of personalizing an e-mail

  1. Use only Latin alphabet letters and numbers
  2. Minimum number of characters 4
  3. Maximum number of characters 20,
  4. E-mail address can be changed 3 times during the entire study period
  5. The email address can be changed after 3 months from the last changeover.
  6. Changes will take effect within 24 hours from the moment of submission!

When creating the new address, do not use:

  1. Names of RSU units,
  2. Names of RSU staff positions,
  3. Names of Latvia’s institutions and the government,
  4. Names of Latvia’s institution positions,
  5. Inappropriate vocabulary,
  6. Words, that can be offensive towards other people, nationalities,
  7. Slang,
  8. Names of fiction characters.

In case of questions do not hesitate to write an e-mail to IT Service centre itatrsu[pnkts]lv or reach by phone 67061515.