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Taking notes: exhibition at RSU Museum
16 Dzirciema Street, Rīga, LV-1007

This exhibition represents a significant part of the study process – an exceptional skill of note taking and ability to use these notes later. The question arises, why many people keep their notebooks from their study years long after they have passed the exams and even have completed their studies.

Here you can see both almost 70-year-old notebooks and notes taken during recent lectures. Along with the copies of notes in the Latvian language, there are also lecture notes from foreign students.

Have the time and the language introduced significant differences? Evaluate and judge yourselves!

Jana Duhovska, the Head of RSU study programme “Art Therapy” believes that note taking is a creative process, in which communication and discussion and comparison of ideas play an important role. But just as important is working on your own – compiling, searching for more precise words, registering interrelationship and creating your own awareness-raising system. Notes are like a “black box” where the most essential things are recorded. The contents of the box can be truly deciphered only by its author; and the contents of the box acquires a different meaning and provides the opportunity for the further creative process when you 'put yourself in other people’s shoes'.

The exhibition is open from 22 November 2017 to 26 January 2018.