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Have you ever played Werewolves (aka Mafia)? This is your chance to join an online version of the game two days before the next full moon (in case you have not checked the moon phases lately - the game will take place on 25 February at 16:00 GMT+2).

The Werewolves will be played remotely (over Zoom) and the number of places is limited, so make sure to sign up! You will receive the Zoom invitation link and rules a day before the game. The short version would be - each player gets assigned a role and moderator (who decides the roles) guides the game and explains the rules as the game is played out.

As a player you should be ready to lie and cheat and convince others you are not who they think you are.

the invitation link for the Zoom meeting has been sent to the e-mail adress you provided in the application