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Articles in internationally cited journals that have been included in databases

  • Junga A., M.Pilmane, Z.Ābola, O.Volrāts. "Tumor necrosis factor α, protein gene product 9.5, matrix metalloproteinase-2 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-2 presence in congenital intra-abdominal adhesions in children under one year of age." Arch Med Sci 2021; 17 (1): 92–99. PubMed, Scopus, WOS Core Collection.
  • Kaulins R., L.Rozite, M.Pilmane, A.Petersons. "Morphofunctional Characterization of Different Tissue Factors in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Affected Tissue." Diagnostics 2021, 11, 289. PubMed, Scopus, WOS. 
  • Pilmane M., M.Jain, S.Jain, I.Akota, J.Kroica. "Quantification of Cytokines in Lip Tissue from Infants Affected by Congenital Cleft Lip and Palate." Children 2021, 8, 140. PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science (Clarivate).
  • Vaivads M., I.Akota, M.Pilmane. "Cleft candidate genes and their products in human unilateral cleft lip tissue." Diseases, 2021, 9, 26. PubMed, WOS.
  • Podlesnaja M., M.Pilmane, G.Sumeraga. "Cytokines, proliferation markers, antimicrobial factors and neuropeptide-containing innervation in human healthy nasal mucosa." Medical Sciences Med. Sci. 2021, 9, 25. PubMed.
  • Pilmane M., N.Jain, Z.Vitenberga-Verza. "Expression analysis of FGF/FGFR and FOX family proteins in mucosal tissue obtained from orofacial clefts affected children." Biology, 2021, 10, 423. Scopus, PubMed, WOS.
  • Zake T., I.Kalere, S.Upmale‐Engela, S.Svirskis, G.Gersone, A.Skesters, V.Groma, I.Konrade. "Plasma levels of Th17‐ associated cytokines and selenium status in autoimmune thyroid diseases." Immun Inflamm Dis. 2021; 1‐12. PubMed, Scopus, WOS.
  • Skuja S., S.Svirskis, M.Murovska. "Human Herpesvirus-6 and -7 in the Brain Microenvironment of Persons with Neurological Pathology and Healthy People." Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021 Feb 27; 22 (5): 2364. PubMed, Scopus, WOS.
  • Plavina L., O.Kolesova, J.Eglite, A.Cakstins, S.Cakstina, A.Kolesovs. "Antioxidative system capacity after a 10-day-long intensive training course and one-month-long recovery in military cadets." Physical activity review 2021, Vol. 9 (1): 62-69. Scopus, WOS.
    DOI: 10.16926/par.2021.09.08
  • Lifsics A., M.Čistjakovs, V.Groma, M.Murovska. "Detections and genotyping of human papillomavirus in hypopharyngeal carcinoma samples." Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B, Natural Sciences, 2021, 75, 1, 11-15. Scopus.
    DOI: 10.2478/prolas-2021-0002
  • Fišere I., V.Groma, N.R.Goldiņš, A.Gardovskis, J.Gardovskis. "Worldwide disease – hemorrhoids. How much do we know?" Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B, Natural Sciences, 2021, 75, 1, 1-10. Scopus.
    DOI: 10.2478/prolas-2021-0001
  • Disma N., F.Veyckemans, K.Virag, T.G.Hansen, A.Barzdina, et al. "Morbidity and mortality after anaesthesia in early life: results of the European prospective multicentre observational study, neonate and children audit of anaesthesia practice in Europe (NECTARINE)." 2021 Jun; 126 (6): 1157 – 1172. PubMed.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.bja.2021.02.016
  • Disma N., K.Virag, T.Riva, J.Kaufmann, A.Barzdina, et al. "Difficult tracheal intubation in neonates and infants. NEonate and Children audiT of Anaesthesia pRactice IN Europe (NECTARINE): a prospective European multicentre observational study." 2021 Jun; 126 (6): 1173 - 1181. PubMed, Scopus.
    DOI: 10.1016/j.bja.2021.02.021
  • Goida J., M.Pilmane. "Characterization of macrophages and TNF-α in cleft lip palate affected lip." Cosmetics 2021, 8, 42. Scopus, WOS.
  • Moisejenko-Goluboviča J., O.Volkovs, A.Ivanova, E.Petrošina, V.Groma. "What we need to learn when exploring the mixed basal cell carcinoma of head and neck." Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B, Natural Sciences, 2021, 75, 2, 75-85. Scopus.
    DOI: 10.2478/prolas-2021-0013
  • Lifsics A, V.Groma, M.Cistjakovs, S.Skuja, R.Deksnis, M.Murovska. "Identification of High-risk Human Papillomavirus DNA, p16, and E6/E7 Oncoproteins in Laryngeal and Hypopharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinomas." Viruses 2021, 13, 1008. Scopus, PubMed, WOS.
  • Reiser S.C., J.Tellermann, I.Akota, M.Pilmane. "Profiling and characterization of localized cytokine response in congenital cleft affected lip tissue." Life 2021, 11(6), 556. PubMed, Scopus, WOS.  
  • Vīksne R.J., G.Sumeraga, M.Pilmane. "Characterization of Cytokines and Proliferation Marker Ki67 in Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps: A Pilot Study." Medicina 2021, 57(6), 607. PubMed, Scopus, WOS.
  • Meidrops K., A.Zuravlova, J.D.Osipovs, M.Kalejs, V.Groma, E.Petrosina, A.Reinis, E.Strike, U.Dumpis, A.Erglis & P.Stradins. "Comparison of outcome between blood culture positive and negative infective endocarditis patiesnts undergoing cardiac surgery." Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery. 16, Article number: 147 (2021). PubMed, Scopus, WOS.
  • Rimdenoka O., M.Pilmane. "Evaluation of TGFbeta1 and EGFR in cleft affected lip mucosa." Acta medica Lithuanica, 2021. Vol. 28, No 1, pp. 86–96; ISSN 1392-0138 eISSN 2029-4174 PubMed, Scopus. 
  • Kreicberga I., A.Junga, M.Pilmane. "Assessment of apoptosis and appearance of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) in placenta of various gestational ages: A cross-sectional study." International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine. Volume 19, Issue no. 6. PubMed, Scopus, WOS.
  • Edelmers E., Dz.Kažoka, M.Pilmane. "Creation of anatomically correct and optimized for 3D printing human bones models." Appl. Syst. Innov. 2021, 4, 67. Scopus, WOS.
  • Deņisova A., M.Pilmane, A.Eņģelis, A.Pētersons. "Gallbladder Interleukins in Children with Calculous Cholecystitis." Pediatric Reports, 2021, 13(3), pp. 470–482. PubMed, Scopus, WOS.
    DOI: 10.3390/PEDIATRIC13030054
  • Kažoka Dz., M.Pilmane, E.Edelmers. "Facilitating student understanding through incorporating digital images and 3d-printed models in a human anatomy course." Education Sciences, 2021, 11(8), 380. Scopus, WOS.
    DOI: 10.3390/educsci11080380
  • Jain N., M.Smirnovs, S.Strojeva, M.Murovska, S.Skuja. "Chronic alcoholism and hhv-6 infection synergistically promote neuroinflammatory microglial phenotypes in the substantia nigra of the adult human brain." Biomedicines, 2021, 9(9), 1216. Scopus, PubMed.
    DOI: 10.3390/biomedicines9091216
  • Lohova E., Z.Vitenberga-Verza, D.Kažoka, M.Pilmane. "Local defence system in healthy lungs." Clin. Pract. 2021, 11, 728–746. PubMed.
  • Stankevica J, L.Plavina, , G.Bahs, S.Umbrasko, I.Dulevska. "Comparative Analysis of Anthropometric Parameters and Body Composition of Patients with Breast Cancer and Healthy Women in the Postmenopausal Period." Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B. Natural, Exact, and Applied Sciences., vol. 75 (2021), no. 3, pp. 234-237. Scopus. 
  • Vartina E., M.Pilmane, R.Lacis. "Homeostasis Regulating Factors, Innervation, Ischemia and Inflammatory Markers in the Right Atrial Tissue from Patients with Degenerative Aortic Valve Stenosis and Coronary Heart Disease." Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B, Vol. 75 (2021), No. 3 (732), pp. 186–193. Scopus.
    DOI: 10.2478/prolas-2021-0028 
  • Garnizone M., E.Vartina, M.Pilmane. "Morphologic comparison of blood vessels used for coronary artery bypass surgery." Folia Morphol (Warsz). 2021 Oct 5. PubMed.
    DOI: 10.5603/FM.a2021.0084.
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  • Vaivads M., I.Akota, M.Pilmane. "PAX7, PAX9 and RYK Expression in Cleft Affected Tissue." Medicina 2021, 57, 1075. PubMed, Scopus, WOS. 
  • Pilmane M. "Theatrum Anatomicum Rigense MCMXX and the historical collection of teaching and research exponates in the Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology of Riga Stradiņš university." Papers of Anthropology, Tartu University Press, XXX/1, 2021, pp. 99–115. WOS All data bases.
  • Jain N., M.Pilmane. "Evaluating the expression of candidate homeobox genes and their role in local-site inflammation in mucosal tissue obtained from children with non-syndromic cleft lip and palate." J. Pers. Med. 2021, 11, 1135. PubMed, Scopus.
  • Pilmane M., D.Sumerags, N.Jain, S.Jain, G.Sumeraga. "Singer’s Nodules: Investigating the Etiopathogenetic Markers Progressing Their Pathogenesis and Clinical Manifestations." Biology 2021, 10, 1268. Scopus, PubMed. 
  • Konopecka V., M.Pilmane, D.Sumerags, G.Sumeraga. "Distribution and appearance of KI-67, IL-1α, IL-10 and PGP 9.5 in Reinke’s edema-affected larynx tissue." Life, Life 2021, 11, 1379. PubMed, Scopus. 
  • Junga A., I.Siņicins, A,Pētersons, M.Pilmane. "Evaluation of PGP 9.5, NGFR, TGFβ1, FGFR1, MMP-2, AT2R2, SHH and TUNEL in primary obstructive megaureter tissue." J Histochem Cytochem. 2021 Dec. PubMed, Scopus.
    DOI: 10.1369/00221554211063515. 
  • Liepinsh E., J.Kuka, K.Vilks, B.Svalbe, G.Stelfa, R.Vilskersts, E.Sevostjanovs, N.R.Goldins, V.Groma, S.Grinberga, M.Plaas, M.Makrecka-Kuka, M.Dambrova. "Low cardiac content of long-chain acylcarnitines in TMLHE knockout mice prevents ischaemia-reperfusion-induced mitochondrial and cardiac damage." PubMed, Scopus.
  • Pilmane M., K.Z.Zariņa, Z.Ābola. "Growth factors and chromogranin A in the intra-abdominal adhesions of children." Papers of Anthropology, Tartu University Press, 2021, Papers on Anthropology XXX/2, 2021, pp. 70–85. WOS All data bases.


  • Ivanovs A., S.Rybtsov, R.A.Anderson, A.Medvinsky. "Vast Self-Renewal Potential of Human AGM Region HSCs Dramatically Declines in the Umbilical Cord Blood". Open Access. Published: September 17, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 4: 811-816. DOI: PubMed, Scopus
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  • Balode E., M. Pilmane. "Characteristics of Neuropeptide-Containing Innervation, Tissue Remodeling, Growth, and Vascularity in Noses of Patients With Cleft Lip and Palate." Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, 2020, in press., PubMed, Scopus.
  • Jain N., Dz. Kažoka, S. Jain, M. Pilmane. "Anatomical variations in position of mandibular foramen: an East European morphometric study in dry adult human mandibles for achieving a successful inferior alveolar nerve block." Italian journal of anatomy and embryology, IJAE, 2019, Vol 124, No 3: 384-394, 2019 DOI: 10.13128/ijae-11668, PubMed, Scopus
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  • Kažoka D., M. Pilmane. 2019. "Detailed Images for Sustainability Development in Cross-Sectional Human Anatomy," Journal of Teacher Education for Sustainability, Vol. 21 (2), P. 27 – 37. Published online 13 Febr 2020; DOI:, Online ISSN: 1691-5534 Sciendo, Scopus,…
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Articles in international publications, including university article collections

  • Plavina L., N.Mihailova. "Somatic health level assessment in military personnel group." Proceedings of 14th International Scientific Conference, Rural Environment, Education, Personality. Vol. 14 (2021): 452-458; ISSN 2661-5207 (online) ISSN 2255-8071 (print), Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, 8-9 May, Jelgava, Latvia, 2021.
    DOI: 10.22616/REEP.2021.14.050
  • Kazoka Dz., M.Pilmane. 2021. "Remote Practical Anatomy Classes: New Challenges and Directions for Tutors." Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference SOCIETY. INTEGRATION. EDUCATION, Vol. I, Higher Education, May 28th – 29th, Rezekne, Latvia, P. 247 – 258., ISSN 1691-5887
  • Miluna S., J.Kroica, M.Pilmane, I.Skadins., R.Koka., D.Rostoka. "Snus users: intraoral lesions, biofilm properties, communication and treatment strategies." The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series "Medicine". No. 43 (2021). P. 49-61.
    DOI: 10.26565/2313-6693-2021-43-06


  • Osipovs J., M.Pilmane, M.Ciems. "Characterisation of morphology in musculus semitendinosus tendon used for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a pilot stud". ACTA CHIRURGICA LATVIENSIS, Vol. 18 (1), 2020. International Proceedings.…
  • Lupenko S., O.Orobchuk., I.Kateryniuk, E.Vasilevskis. "Hybrid conceptual models, ontologies system and ontooriented information systems for Chinese Image Medicine as a component of Integrative Scientific Medicine". CSIT2020, 052, v2. "Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing V: Selected Papers from the International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies" (eds. N.Shakhovska, M.O.Medykovskyy), CSIT 2020, September 23-26, 2020, Zbarazh, Ukraine Springer. pp. 1059-1077. › book Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing V: Selected Papers
  • Kažoka Dz., M.Pilmane. "Tutor's roles and performances in modern human anatomy course supported by virtual technology." SOCIETY. INTEGRATION. EDUCATION. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference, Rēzekne, Latvia, May 22nd-23rd, 2020, Vol. I, P. 341 – 349.; DOI:
  • Plavina L., M. Hušča (2020) "Is It Easy to Recruit Young Doctors for Military Service?" Proceedings of the 13th International Scientific Conference. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies Jelgava, RURAL ENVIRONMENT. EDUCATION. PERSONALITY. Vol.13. ISSN 2255-5207, Latvia, 2020, 435-440. DOI: 10.22616/REEP.2020.051
  • Dambergs K., G. Sumeraga, M. Pilmane.  "Proliferation Markers, Remodeling Factors, Cytokines, Antimicrobial Peptides and Gene Proteins in Cholesteatoma." Biomedical Journal of Technical and Scientific Research, 2020, vol24. Issue 2. DOI: 0.26717/BJSTR.2020.24.004039; ISSN: 2574 -1241.
  • Arons M., E. Strīķe, M. Pilmane, E. Vasiļevskis, I. Evansa, I. Paņihins, J. Logasina. "Chronic Lumbosacral Painful Unilateral Radiculopathy: Dorsal Root Ganglion Pulsed Radiofrequency vs. Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection: A Prospective Randomized Study." Clinics in Surgery, 2020, vol. 5, article 2759.

Monographs or parts thereof, training/reports

  • Pilmane M. Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology: report on work in 2001. LMA(RSU), Riga, 2002, pp. 58.
  • Rudzītis K. Terminologia medica. Pilmane M. – Translation and editing of histological and embryological terms. Nacionālais apgāds, Riga, 2005, pp. 1360.
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  • Monograph: Groma V., V. Zalcmane. Cell: Structure, Functions, Molecular Foundations, 2012, Riga, RSU, pp. 284.
  • Vanags I., A. Sandore. Clinical Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care. Gavričenkova L., - wrote the chapter Clinical and Topographic Anatomy for Anaesthesiologists and Intensive Care Specialists, pp. 26-57; 2008, Riga, Nacionālais Apgāds, pp. 1232.
  • Chapter in the book “Pain” edited by Logina I., “Medicīnas apgāds”, - M. Arons, I. Evansa, I. Golubovska, Aleksejs Miščuks A. and E. Vasiļevskis. 2013: 363-395.
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  • A guide for primary and perinatal physicians for diagnosing nicotine-dependent patients and provide short interventions to promote smoking cessation in patients ”KĀ PALĪDZĒT PACIENTIEM ATMEST SMĒĶĒŠANU”. Authors: Hofmane A., V. Dombrovskis, A. Vagale, V. Sudraba, D. Baumane-Auza, T. Vanaga, A. Oginska. Rīga, Veselības ministrija, 2018. - 56 pages.
  • A guide for quitting smoking for members of support group; “Es atmetu smēķēšanu”. Authors: Hofmane A., V. Dombrovskis, A. Vagale, V. Sudraba, D. Baumane-Auza, T. Vanaga, A. Oginska. Rīga, Veselības ministrija, 2018. - 55 pages.
  • Guide “Smēķēšanas atmešanas atbalsta grupu vadīšanai” Authors: Hofmane A., V. Dombrovskis, A. Vagale, V. Sudraba, D. Baumane-Auza, T. Vanaga, A. Oginska. Rīga, Veselības ministrija, 2018. - 120 pages.
  • Duļevska I., S. Umbraško. Praktiskā antropoloģija (Practical Anthropology). RSU, 150 lpp., ISBN 978-9934-563-17-1
  • Rūmanss G. M., Dz. Kažoka, M. Pilmane. Klīniskā anatomija medicīnas studentiem (Clinical Anatomy for Medical Students). RSU, 414 lpp., ISBN 978-9934-563-47-8

Scientific monographs

  • Monograph: Juris Bērziņš, Ināra Logina, Māra Pilmane, Egīls Vītols. Neuromuscular Diseases. Nacionālais Apgāds, 2007: 278 pp.
  • Monograph: RSU Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology, 2002-2016, compiler and editor-in-chief: M.Pilmane, RSU Publishing House, 2017, 167 pages

Study methodologies

  • 21 October 2021–21 February 2022, The Boris and Inara Teterev Foundation’s RSU study programme modernisation target grant, IAA historical collection, Digitisation of P. Stradiņš micropreparations (M. Pilmane, Z. Vitenberga-Verza)
  • Developing a digitalised collection of histological micropreparations and making it available in the e-learning environment for students from the RSU Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry for the targeted Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation scholarship for the modernisation of RSU study programmes – 27 November 2017 - 17 April 2018 (Z. Vitenberga, M. Pilmane, E. Sidhoma);
  • Creating a digitised image collection and descriptions of histological and embryological macropreparations from the RSU Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology exhibition for the students of the Faculty of Medicine for the targeted Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation scholarship for RSU study programme modernisation - 01 April 2020 - 20 June 2020 (M. Pilmane, Z. Vitenberga-Verza);
  • BITF project Creating a Digitalised Image Collection and Descriptions of Anatomical and Histological Preparations for the students of the Faculty of Medicine, 22 September 2020 –31 March 2021 (Dz. Kažoka, M. Pilmane).

Entries into the National Encyclopaedia (in Latvian)

Articles in PubMed, Scopus, Web of Sciences databases: 2002–2016 – 76; 2017–2018 – 31; 2019 – 16;  2020 - 14; 38 (2021)
Articles in international editions, including RSU collections, in English: 2002–2016 –148; 2017–2018 – 37; 2019 – 11; 2020 - 7; 3 (2021)
Articles in volumes of Latvian university articles in Latvian: 2002–2016 – 92; 2017–2018 – 3; 2019 – 1; 2020 - 0
Study methodologies – 15
Clinical recommendations and guidelines – 2

IAA patents

Māra Pilmane

  • EU patent – Valdovska A., A. Jemeljanovs, M. Pilmane, I. H. Konosonoka, I. Lazdins. Antibiotic free Feed additive for piglets from Jerusalem artichoke, Lactobacillus reuteri and Pediococcus pentosaceus – 2015 Patent Cooperation Treaty Application/ WO2015047064
  • Latvian patent/LV15060 B - A. Skaģers, I. Šalma, Ģ. Šalms, J. Vētra, S. Petronis, M. Pilmane, L. Bērziņa-Cimdiņa, J. Ločs, V. Zālīte Agent for substitution of bone tissue defects in case of osteoporosis – 20.04.2016
  • Republic of Poland patent W Swieszkowski, T. Chudoba, S. Kusnieruk, A. Kedzierska, B. Wožniak, J. Rogovska-Tylman, D. Smolen, E. Pietrzykowska, W. Lojkowski, J. Wojnorowic, A. Gedanken, J. Locs, V. Zalite, M. Pilmane, I. Salma. Method of manufacturing bone implant and bone implant; Republic of Poland Patent Office, patent access code: BA-III.P.412238.3.iskow; IHHP PAS access code: P/N 54-31 056/15
  • EU patents W Swieszkowski, T. Chudoba, S. Kusnieruk, A. Kedzierska, B. Wožniak, J. Rogovska-Tylman, D. Smolen, E. Pietrzykowska, W. Lojkowski, J. Wojnorowic, A. Gedanken, J. Locs, V. Zalite, M. Pilmane, I. Salma. Method of manufacturing bone implant and bone implant; EU patent

Jānis Vētra

Patent No.AuthorsAppl. No.Filing dateApplication publication datePatent publication dateName
12902 BValda Staņēviča, Jānis Vētra, Artūrs Sočņevs, Dace Gardovska, Jeļena Eglīte, Ruta ŠantereP-02-4318.03.2002.20.09.2002.20.01.2003.Diagnostic method for determining liability of the body to rheumatism
LV 12919 BJevgēņija Bikova, Jānis Vētra, Ludmila Ivanova, Bronislava Cafrina, Adrija Keiša, Aleksandrs Akopjans, Jan KangizersP-02-13417.07.2002.20.11.2002.20.03.2003.Acquisition of biogenic preparation from placenta
LV 12988 BV. Skļarevičs, J. Vētra, Z. KasvandeP-01-14816.10.2001.20.04.2003.20.07.2003.Method for obtaining foot surface layout for production of footwear
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LV 13180 B
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