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How to contact the IT Service Centre

Dear Students!

Due to the epidemiological safety measures in Latvia and implementation of precautions for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 infection at Rīga Stradiņš University IT Service Centre communicate with students remotely as much as possible. Please kindly register your appointment. : Sign up for an on-site visit to the IT Service Center. 
  • In person: RSU main building (Dzirciema iela16), Block G, Room-115
  • By phone: +37167061515 (you can leave message on the answering machine, if the line is busy or unavailable at the time)
  • By e-mail: itatrsu[pnkts]lv 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Why I see incorrect timetable in my Outlook calendar?

One of the reasons why this situation has occurred is because you have different Time Zone within the Outlook app. To set up correct Time zone, please kindly follow below described steps in order to set up correct hours for your timetable

Changing Time zone via mobile devicesChanging Time zone via computers
  1. Open Calendar via MyRSU app, you will be redirected to an Outlook calendar.
  2. When opening Calendar, click on Menu button.
  3. When Menu is open, click on the Settings button
  4. From the list click on Time Zone and choose UTC +02:00 zone.
  5. After all all calendar events will be synchronized according to time within app.
  1. Open Calendar within MyRSU or directly via Office 365 and you will see the toolbar located above the calendar
  2. Click the Settings button in toolbar.
  3. After you will see the Current Time zone.
  4. Click on (UTC +02: 00) Helsinki, Kiev, Riga, Sofia for the lecture and class schedule to display the correct time of lecture and seminars.


What is my RSU username?

Your RSU student username contains your student ID number and You can find your student ID number on the back of your student card. It consists of six digits. Your username should be in this format: 000000atrsu[pnkts]edu[pnkts]lv

If your student card has been lost or damaged, go to Student Services

How to start using the Student Portal (MyRSU)?

In order to use RSU e-services for students, use your username (example: 000000atrsu[pnkts]edu[pnkts]lvand password. The password has to be created when logging into the system for the first time.

  • In order to create the password, go to
  • Choose Obtain or renew your passowrd
  • In order to receive the security code, fill in the required fields
    • Write your surname in the field Surname
    • Write your student ID number or personal ID number in the field Student ID or personal No.
    • Write your phone number or e-mail address, which you provided upon admission in the field Telephone number or private e-mail address
  • Tick I'm not a robot
  • Click Recover password. The security code will be sent to your private e-mail address. The provided security code will be valid for 12 hours. 
  • In order to finish the recovery of the password, click on the provided link in your private e-mail account and follow the instructions
    • Write your username (example: 000000atrsu[pnkts]edu[pnkts]lv) in the field RSU e-mail address or domain\username
    • Write the provided security code in the field Security code (if the security code is not already entered automatically)
    • Write your new password in the field New password 
      • The new password cannot contain your name, surname or RSU username
      • New password must be at least 8 characters long but not longer than 16 characters. It must consist of 4 different character types
        • capital letters
        • lower case letters
        • digits
        • symbols (? [  ! \ " ] # > ^ $ _ % & ` ' { ( | ) } * ~ + : , ; - < . = /)
      • Re-type the new password in the field Re-type new password
  • Tick I'm not a robot
  • Click Recover password

Upon successful recovery of the password, you will receive confirmation of the same to your private e-mail account. 

How to login into my RSU e-mail account?
  • Go to
  • Enter your username (example: 000000atrsu[pnkts]edu[pnkts]lv)
  • Enter your password used with all RSU e-services 
  • Click Sign in

You have successfully logged into your RSU e-mail account!

How can I connect to WiFi network Eduroam ?

In order to connect to WiFi network Eduroam, you need your username (example: 000000atrsu[pnkts]edu[pnkts]lv) and password. Before connecting to Eduroam, you must close all programmes that use torrents (uTorrent, DC++, BitConnect, u.c.).

Instructions on how to connect to Eduroam

Possible causes for you not being able to connect to Eduroam

  • Computer is assigned with static IP/DNS address
  • Computer contains dangerous computer viruses
  • Computer does not have antivirus programme or its antivirus database is outdated
  • P2P file exchange programme is turned on (torrents, DC++ etc.)
How to synchronise my timetable with my mobile device?

Time table synchronisation with mobile devices

How to start using Microsoft Office 365 for free?

RSU offers its students to use the official Microsoft Office 365 for free. Students can install Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote on five computers (PC or Mac) and five mobile devices (e.g., smartphone, laptop, tablet and personal computer). Students can use OneDrive up to 1 TB for synchronising data among all the devices.

  • Installing Microsoft Office on Mac and PC devices
    • Go to;
    • Log in with your RSU login (e.g., 123456atrsu[pnkts]edu[pnkts]lv);
    • Choose the operating language and download.
  • Installing Microsoft Office on iOS and Android devices

Detailed information about the download
More information about the Office365 possibilities      

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