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Innovation is and always has been an important prerequisite for success in any field. Since late 2018 RSU is a RIS-HUB in the European Innovative Technologies (EIT) for Health network ensuring the linkage of innovation and education and the creation of business.

With the support of EIT RSU was invited to join a 5-day training course on the FORTH innovation methodology organised 20–25 February 2019 in Siófok, Hungary. Prof. Gunta Lazdāne participated in the intensive course FORTH Innovation Method led by Gijs van Wulfen, the founder of the FORTH methodology. The course required careful preparation by watching videos and reading and studying the book The Innovation Expedition. A Visual Toolkit to Start Innovation. During the course nine participants from Italy, Latvia, Portugal and Hungary learned about the methodology and tried the main steps – innovation assignment, observation, coming up with and testing ideas, developing concepts as team members and as facilitators. The training principles ranging from ‘no pressure’ and ‘openness’ to ‘freedom to be stupid’ and ‘fun’ helped participants to relax during the long hours and to step out of their comfort zone. 

FORTH was created in the Netherlands in 2006. In 2011 FORTH was published in English, but it received an international breakthrough in 2013 with the publication of The Innovation Expedition. A Visual Toolkit to Start Innovation. FORTH has been used for innovation of products, services, business models and processes on more than 100 occasions by various organizations, universities and health care systems. 

150 people from all over the world have become certified FORTH trainers and 20 have implemented this innovative methodology multiple times and reached the level of FORTH master. Prof. Lazdāne is the first FORTH trainer in Latvia. This will open up to the possibility of FORTH knowledge and skills to be implemented at RSU and in Latvia. 

Further information

The Innovation Expedition: A visual Toolkit to Start Innovation by Gijs Van Wulfen