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On 27 September Rīga Stradiņš University will host European Researchers' Night. This year's theme is "Science for the future."


RSU Science Hub Kleisti
Riga, 5 Rātsupītes Iela
Time: 17:00-21:00

  • The molecule that unites us - DNA!
    Extracting DNA from strawberries, peas, and saliva.
  • Body heat map
    Learn how work, ergonomics, and everyday activities change our body temperature and how that impacts our health.
  • Push yourself!
    The fastest time, the least effort - an effective work day.


Medical Education Technology Centre
26a Anniņmuižas Bulvāris, Riga
Time: 18:00-22:00

  • Molecule whispers and fingerprints
    Can you hear what molecules are trying to tell us? How can you see their properties?
  • Virtual reality and the body
    Get to know the human body with virtual reality.
  • Writing with devices from past, present and future
    A writing competition on a typewriter versus a computer.
  • A cognitive process relay race
    Challenge your mind to tests on reaction speed, false memory, and other interesting tests.
  • What is your body build like?
    Get to know your body by doing a body composition analysis.
  • Get to know chemistry!
    Guess at substances and fluids used in medicine without tasting them, and create chemical formula models. 
  • Crime and science
    Examine a crime scene, find footsteps, and visualise.
  • Are you stronger than you think?
    Learn what your maximum strength is with a rowing-, skiing- or bicycle ergometer.
  • Sports lab
    est your aerobic strength with bicycle ergometers. 
  • Learn about your back, posture and the soles of your feet
    Get information about the asymmetry of your posture, or scoliosis, what kind of posture you have, and do a podography.
  • The surprises of medical physics
    Learn how to make "smart plasticine", "a large bubble sword" and other previously unseen things.
  • Can you be a surgeon?
    Learning the basics of laparoscopic surgery
  • The Reanimation Brigade
    An opportunity to see how reanimation is simulated
  • What's actually on my hands?
    See how effectively you wash your hands by inspecting them under a UV light
  • The future of anatomy
    Learn about human anatomy with 3D
  • Save a mannequin!
    Test how effectively you can give first aid and receive a visual representation of how you are doing.
  • Psysiology through physics
    Interpreting physiological processes with physics
  • Digital dentistry
    Enter the world of a dentist and test your knowledge of dental hygiene.

Apvarsnis_logo-01.jpgThe event programme of the European Researchers’ Night is financed by the NIGHTLV-2018–2019 (contract nr. 819129) project which is part of the EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020.