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A course of three classes 'English for Science in Oral Presentations' has been designed for those participants who have begun their participation in scientific conferences and who need extra suggestions and encouragement to present their research in oral English.

The aim of the course:

To actualise aspects of oral scientific discourse for conference presentations by highlighting problems, providing suggestions and solutions. The course will also focus on differences between oral and written language, and text formation patterns in scientific speeches.

The course lectures are for RSU staff and students only and they will be held in English.

Guntars Dreijers (pictured) holds a PhD and the position of Associate Professor in contrastive linguistics and translation studies. He has been actively cooperating with universities both nationally (Ventspils University of Applied sciences, RISEBA, University of Latvia), and internationally (Université Bretagne Sud in Lorient, France; TEI of Serres in Greece, Duzce and Bandirmas Universities in Turkey, University of Porto in Portugal). Promoting the academic exchange, Guntars Dreijers has delivered classes at the University of the West of England in the UK, and he participated in the academic exchange programmes at universities in Finland, Czech Republic, and the USA. His research interests include language aspects of translation and legal linguistics. He has been regularly invited as a plenary speaker for international conferences and has been involved as a scientific reviewer in a number of editorial boards. Guntars Dreijers is also participating in the national research programme 'Latvian Language', Erasmus+ programme 'Translating for Linguistic Diversity', and 'Teachers in the Distance'.


Course Outline

19 Oct


  • Differences between written and oral English for scientific purposes
  • Language economy and stylistic features of the scientific style
  • The role of the audience and presentation goal in planning the oral presentation

9 Nov


  • Stages of presenting
  • The unity between language, scientific rhetoric, and visual aspects to reach a presentation goal
  • The role of the scientific narrative

8 Dec


  • Scientific communication: a question-and-answer session, a follow-up of assessing and evaluating oral presentations, and learning from feedback
online, Zoom