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EUROPARTNER: Strengthening and spreading international partnership activities of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection for interdisciplinary research and innovation of the University of Lodz

Project/agreement No.
Cooperation Angreement No 2/2019
Project funding
53 337.00 EUR, 229 425.00 PLN
Project manager
Maria Issagouliantis
Project realization
01.12.2018. - 30.11.2021.


The aim of the project is to strengthen the international partnership of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection of the University of Lodz by preparing a consortium partnership to submit a competitive application to the Horizon 2020 program dedicated to innovative interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral PhD studies in the Maria Skłodowska-Curie call for proposal.


Activities of the project

•    carrying out research and development work with an international dimension 
•    elaboration and lodging of grant applications 
•    exchange of PhD students and employees 

Project partners 

•    Uniwersytet Łódzki (UL), Poland - Project Coordinator
•    Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (IBCENASB), Belarus 
•    University of Alcalá (UA), Spain 
•    Fundation para la Investigacion Biomedica del Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Instituto Investigación Sanitaria Gregorio Marañón (HGUGM-IiSGM), Spain 
•    Universitaet Leipzig (ULei), Germany 
•    Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), Latvia 

News and events

The inauguration of the international project Europartner, 11.-13.March 2019

On 11-13 March  2019 the inauguration event of the international project “EUROPARTNER” was organised by the University of Lodz (Poland). Within the framework of the project a consortium composed of research institutions from seven countries was established with the aim to foster collaboration in research and provide doctoral students with opportunities to go on exchange trips and develop their skills. 


The director of the RSU International Department, Baiba Pētersone, informed participants about RSU activities, the university’s research priorities and put forward proposals for further cooperation, while the lead researcher of the RSU Institute of Oncology, Zanda Daneberga, elaborated on research directions and future development trends in the field of oncology.

The inauguration event was followed by a project launch meeting. During the meeting project partners approved a steering committee composed of representatives of all partner institutions, discussed project strategy, a schedule, the drafting of project reports, financial management and other project related matters as well as allocated responsibilities.

More about the event:… 

Information posted on 14.03.2019

Workshop Leipzig, 30 September – 02 October 2019

On 30 September – 02 October 2019 in Leipzig University (ULei) Germany was held 3-day-workshop which was conducted by German experts (from H2020 contact points, reviewers, scientists experienced in the implementation of successful projects, administrative staff supporting the process of applying and managing projects), devoted to the preparation of applications in the MSCA-ITN call for proposals – results. Leading researcher J.Jansons and project manager D.Pole participated in the workshop.


Information posted on 04.10.2019

Workshop Alcala de Henares, 24.-28.November 2019

On 24.-28.November 2019 in  University of Alcalá (UAH), Spain was held 3-day-workshop which was devoted to preparation of MSCA application with report on RSU research in the field of HIV infection. Dr. Maria Issagouliantis participated in the meeting with presentation on experimental systems for testing HIV therapeuticals/immunotherapeuticals in mice based on murine tumors expressing HIV enzymes. Researcher V.Jasinskis from Joint Laboratory of Clinical Immunology and Immunogenetics participated in the workshop.


Information posted on 02.12.2019

Research visit at RSU 2019

PhD students Jael Fernandez during  November 4 – November 28, 2019 and Laura Tarancón Díez during 1 November 15– December 15, 2019 has attended research visit at RSU to study experimental oncoimmunology and to train the assaying of immune response using flow cytometry and in vivo imaging and analyzing of the results. Supervisor Maria Issagouliantis and Juris Jansons.

Information posted on 16.12.2019

Project application submitted on 14.01.2020

On 14 January 2020 partner consortium project application was submitted in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks project competition (H2020-MSCA-INT-2020).

Information posted on 14.01.2020