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The Work Ability and Social Inclusion

Project/agreement No.
Project funding
736 907.00 EUR
Project realization
01.05.2011. - 31.12.2013.


To improve stress management and good leadership practice in businesses, facilitating an increase in efficiency and social integration of the working population


Project activities

  • Adaptation of the stress reduction and professional well-being programme „Metal Age” to the Latvian situation
  • Assessment of the work capacity and professional well-being of the employees of the companies involved in the study
  • Stress level measurement for the working population
  • Training of middle-level managerial staff and employees in their subordination of the companies involved in the project in the stress management and professional well-being programme „Metal Age”
  • Assessment of the skills acquired in the training programme „Metal Age”
  • Economic efficiency assessment of the training module, based upon the project outcomes in Latvia, Estonia and Finland 
  • The project target group: employees from various offices, banks, medical institutions, IT specialists and middle-level managerial staff

Project partners

  • Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Finland) – lead partner
  • Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia)