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The RSU Alumni Association in cooperation with the RSU Student Union has developed a research platform with the aim to enhance cooperation between students and researchers.

The platform aims to ensure transparency about current research projects, as well as fast and transparent communication between students willing to engage in research and research leaders who need assistance. The platform will help attract students to research already from their first years of study.

The platform provides students with the opportunity to take their first steps in research by carrying out various tasks within the project, as well as learn practical skills. Researchers and scientists in turn will benefit from having assistants promote and implement their ideas.

The goal of the platform is to facilitate communication between researchers, scientists and students.

The platform will contain aggregated data on the research provided by research leaders in a transparent manner. For students, on the other hand, the platform will allow choosing a topic that suits their interests and apply by getting in touch with the research leader.



Researchers can fill the survey below to submit their research. 


Students can acquaint themselves with the available projects in the MyRSU student portal in the "research platform" section.