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 What is the RSU SU?

The RSU SU is the Rīga Stradiņš University Student Union - an organisation whose objective is to represent the interests of the university students in academic, material and cultural life.

What does RSU SU do?

It is not that easy to explain RSU SU activities, but you can see below how RSU SU carries its name.

If you have any issues you wish to report to the RSU SU, fill out this form to submit your query to us. 

RSU SU Daily Activities

Active Recreation Festival Taurenis


International Students’ Conference 

Autumn Night Tournaments


The Student Council has 36 members - all of them RSU students - representing students from all faculties of the University. Any student can become a member of the council by participating in the elections that are held each November. You can find more information about elections in the election regulations. The Council has decision-making authority in the RSU SU.

RSU padome small.png

The Board is the executive body of RSU SU and is represented by eight members of the Board, three Vice-Chairpersons, a Chairperson and an Assistant Chairperson. The board of the RSU SU Council is elected every year. The board is responsible for the main self-government activities, the implementation of its specific tasks and engagement of other students in various activities.




RSU SP cooperation organisations
  • Latvian Students’ Union (, in which we have member status;
  • Latvian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association;
  • European Medical Students' Association (EMSA,;
  • European Students’ Forum (AEGEE) Riga Organisation (;
  • Latvian Medical Students’ Association (LaMSA,;
  • Student Councils of RTU, LU, BAT, LLU, RPIVA, RISEBAA, VEA, ViA, LA, BA, EKA, LiepU and other Latvian higher education institutions, including Students' Self-Government of RSU Liepāja Branch and RSU Red Cross Medical College SP;
  • Student interest groups supported financially by RSU SU are, among others, the Christian student interest group Agape, the Muslim students’ interest group Ibn Sina, the organisation Cavum Oris which represents the interests of dentistry students, the International Students' Association (ISA) which represents the interests of RSU foreign students, etc.

RSU SU Symbols

The eternal student symbol is a pair of skeletons - Stasis and Stasija - who take part in all events organised by RSU SU and the university. 

RSU skelets_0_0.png

A black horse is the symbol of self-governance; it characterises the busy and dynamic pace of RSU students' lives.

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