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Academic staff and students of Riga Stradiņš university (RSU) have the opportunity to use the Turnitin ® tool. Turnitin ® is the world's leading tool for editing and preventing plagiarism.

Turnitin ® is fully integrated with the RSU E-Studies System (Moodle) and provides a full service for submitting, editing, identifying content originality (plagiarism) and returning the submitted papers.

TurnitIn®  offers two main platforms:

  • Originality Check – a platform which automatically checks the percentage of non-original content at work (plagiarism);
  • GradeMark+ETS® & QuickMark® – a platform that allows editing of submitted papers. With this tool, you do not need to download the submitted papers to your computer because they are being edited in the GradeMark + ETS ® platform. Quickmark ® offers the ability to keep the most commonly used comments in student papers, thus significantly precipitating paper editing!

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