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This year is dedicated to research at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) with the annual Research Conference as a key event featuring presentations of studies in various disciplines and their results.

The first RSU research conference was held 20 years ago – in 1999.

Researchers were, however, active in generating new ideas and carrying out research work already before that. As Professor Vasilijs Kalbergs, the Rector at the time, said in an interview with the newspaper Padomju Mediķis on 26 June 1959: 'Studies on significant matters of theoretical and practical medicine are carried out at the institute's laboratories. We could not include all research papers into the session's agenda. 46 research papers were presented during the session […] within three days.'

In 1963 the Rīga Medical Institute (later Rīga Stradiņš University) launched a well-equipped Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL) with the aim to promote research. Alongside scientific research work laboratory employees were engaged in organising complex studies on topical medical issues. Physicians were eager to incorporate the results of these practical studies into their work and were, therefore, looking forward to obtaining them.

The RSU Museum presents an exhibition reflecting the accomplishments of our current and former lecturers and laboratory researchers in applied sciences. Visitors are welcome to get acquainted with the research results obtained at various periods. The authors have received certificates for these studies, research findings have been implemented in practice, and in several cases patents have been granted and inventions sold abroad. The exhibition includes exhibits from the collection of the RSU Museum as well as other museums, from RSU structural units and private collections.

May this exhibition inspire researchers and students to engage in research! The RSU Museum is happy to receive exhibits associated with applied research.

The exhibition will be open to visitors from 28 March to 19 July from 9:00 till 19:00 daily, except Sundays.


Block K, ground floor, hallway