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From 27 November to 11 January an exhibition titled "University Lecturers' Hobbies" can be viewed at Rīga Stradiņš University, shows the varied, interesting and creative personalities of the teaching staff at our university. 

The exhibition displays 14 different objects created by the teaching staff and another 53 photopraphs depict the hobbies of current and former teaching staff. 

When it comes to hobbies or free-time activities, they are considered to be a way of relaxing the mind after work during one's free time. The activiity brings a sense of satisfaction and possibly even improves one's health as this is time that is devoted to oneself. It requires creativity and enriches your life. A hobby tells of a person's diverse inerests and enthusiasm. 

The RSU history museum staff invited the university teaching staff to respond and share the result of their talents to enrich the exhibition "University Lecturers' Hobbies" by submitting hand-made objects and photographs that show the inspiring ways of spending one's free time. We thank all who responded! 

The exhibition also includes objects from the RSU museum collection. 



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