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The Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Technology Transfer Office invites students and researchers to participate in the business opportunity festival Icebreakers 9 October, which will be taking place online this year. The event will bring together a significant number of Latvian and international students to find inspiration and create new opportunities for cooperation, as well as provide young professionals with the tools to be able to start their own business. There is no charge for participation in the festival.

The main theme of this year's festival is New Reality. This emphasises a changing and unpredictable environment in which everyone can find opportunities. A crisis is nothing more than an opportunity to start something new, to change the course of events and to find internal resources at a time when the outside world is uncertain. The festival will feature practical classes, discussions, a virtual exhibition and much more prepared especially for students, young professionals and researchers. Topics in focus: emergence of new opportunities in times of crisis, living remotely, medicine, food, space, IT, etc.

Representatives from RSU will be participating in several discussion panels this year, so we invite you to read the Icebreakers programme thoroughly.additional information and sign up

The event is organised by the University of Latvia (LU) Student Business Incubator.

This year, not only by a record number of the strongest universities in Latvia will be participating in the festival, but also the largest Lithuanian universities, which support the festival and participate in the development of its content.

10,000 EUR will be allocated to develop ideas

The LU Student Business Incubator is organising a grant competition at the festival, where it will be possible to obtain up to 10,000 EUR for further business development. It is planned that the total available funding will be divided between the best developed and most viable business ideas, which will be presented at the end of the festival.APPLICATION to AND CONDITIONS of THE GRANT COMPETITION

About Icebreakers festival

The business opportunity festival Icebreakers is a gathering place for students and young professionals, and a place for university researchers, scientists and innovative entrepreneurs to learn about the latest in business opportunities, as well as get current information about various industries.