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Key topics

  • The psychological characteristics and behaviour of Latvian residents during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Psychological research and assessment of professional work;
  • Psychological help and support when working with different client and patient groups;
  • Professional identity, professional competence and development.


Downloadable programme

22 April

The symposium is dedicated to the findings from studies on support for Latvian citizens' mental resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic. After the symposium, work will continue in four traditional sessions dedicated to such topics as psychological research, working with different client and patient groups, as well as issues related to professional identity and competence, followed by master classes.

23 April

Invited Speakers' Reports



  • Musical performance
  • Opening
    Dean of the Faculty of Rehabilitation assoc. prof. Signe Tomsone
    Vice-Dean of Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare asst. prof. Toms Pulmanis

Plenary session
Chairs: assoc. prof. Signe Tomsone, asst. prof. Toms Pulmanis


Signatures of associative learning in EEG and event-related potentials
PhD Yuri Pavlov (Germany)



Plenary session
Chairs: asst. prof. Jeļena Ļubenko, asst. Kristīne Šneidere


Pragmatic language in neuropsychology
PhD Sonia Montemurro (Italy)

Brain Imaging in Neuroscience – Corticometry, Volumetry and Tractometry
Asst. Nauris Zdanovskis (Latvia), assoc. prof. Ardis Platkājis (Latvia)



Plenary session
Chairs: asst. Jana Duhovska, Agne Rožlapa-Junkere


Performing the Self: Autobiographical Performance as a Therapeutic Intervention
PhD Susana Pendzik (Israel)




Embracing contradiction as a creative force: a dialectical response to cultural and political fragmentation and its relevance to mental and physical health
Prof. Anna Seymour (UK)



Plenary session
Chairs: asst. Elīna Akmane, asst. Zane Krieķe


Expressing the crime for a young sex offender using art therapy in a forensic psychiatric prison in the Netherlands
Thijs de Moor (Netherlands)

Art therapy with a group of toddlers awaiting adoption in Catalunya
Marcela Andrade del Corro (UK)

24 April

Workshops with the invited speakers


Autobiographical work in arts therapy *
PhD Susana Pendzik (Israel)

* Active participants – 20


Tele-neuropsychology and tele-rehabilitation
PhD Sonia Montemurro (Italy)


Defining and transforming one limiting belief
Natālija Dieviņa (Bulgaria)





Working with our present fears and resistances as professionals through dramatic embodied metaphor
Prof. Anna Seymour (UK)


Squiggles and forms *
Thijs de Moor (Netherlands), Marcela Andrade del Corro (UK)

* Active participants – 20


The neural and endocrine development of emotional circuits
PhD Anna Tyborowska (Netherlands)

Current events in neuroscience research and practice
PhD Ainārs Stepens (Latvia)


Sign upThe conference is organised by the Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy at the RSU Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare.

Conference languages: Latvian, English

We encourage and welcome students, psychologists, healthcare specialists, supervisors and representatives of other helping and teaching professions to participate in the conference.

Participation in the conference is free of charge.

  • Speakers presenting research papers will receive a certificate.
  • Conference participants are entitled to 36 continuing education credits (12 credits for each day and 4 academic hours for each master class). Attendance certificates will be sent to the e-mail address provided on the registration form within one month after the conference.


Applications to participate in the conference with a presentation are open from 18 January to 25 February. The following information must be submitted via email to conference[pnkts]hepiaatrsu[pnkts]lv:

  1. Author name
  2. Subject
  3. Abstract (250 words)

The registration form for passive participants will be published on the RSU website on 1 March.

Contact information: conference[pnkts]hepiaatrsu[pnkts]lv, phone: +371 67062704

We hope to meet you at the conference to discuss topical issues related to psychological examination and assessment, as well as the improvement of psychological assistance and monitoring services in Latvia.