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The Annual Medicine Awards 2017, established with the aim to recognise outstanding medical personalities for their contribution in the fields of medicine were presented on 9 February in the Culture Palace Ziemeļblāzma. Each year the awards are presented by the Latvian Medical Association, and considered to be among the most significant annual events in medicine. Medical students have chosen RSU Assoc. Prof. Dzintra Kažoka as Medical Lecturer of the Year.


The Annual Medicine Awards are presented in 13 categories. The winners in seven categories are determined by an electronic vote. From 1 December 2017 to 14 January 2018 voting was open for the best medical practitioner in the following categories: Physician of the Year, Pharmacist of the Year, Dentist of the Year, Functional Medicine Specialist of the Year, Nurse of the Year, Physician Assistant of the Year and Midwife of the Year. 12 225 votes were cast in total.

The award in the category Midwife of the Year was presented to Rasma Kaminska, midwife at Dobele Hospital, by RSU rector Aigars Pētersons.​


Photo from Latvian Medical Association 

The Annual Medicine Award is also presented in the category Medical Lecturer of the Year, where the best medical lecturer is chosen by medical students. The majority of votes were cast in the favour of RSU Assoc. Prof. Dzintra Kažoka from the Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology, Department of Morphology.


Medical students recognise that, "with her smile, empathy and inspiration RSU Assoc. Prof. Dzintra Kažoka (pictured with flowers) has encouraged many students to take the first and hardest steps in medicine, as anatomy is the foundation of medicine”. Photo from Latvian Medical Association archive

The award to Assoc. Prof. Dzintra Kažoka was presented by RSU students Lauma Putniņa and Laura Bajāre, indicating that, “The Medical Lecturer of the Year award is a way for medical students to thank lecturers for their contribution”.


Photo from Latvian Medical Association archive


This year the annual medicine award was presented for the eighth time and the winner in each nomination was presented with a statuette “Life Sprout” designed by Armands Jēkabsons to serve as a reminder of the connection between life and health.

VIDEO: Annual Medicine Awards 2017 awards ceremony