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International Cooperation
Public Health

Data from Wave 7 of the SHARE study (Survey of Health, Aging and Retirement in Europe) has been made available to a wider audience. During Wave 7 of the study data was collected simultaneously in 27 EU countries and in Israel providing a unique opportunity to compare data obtained in Latvia with data from other countries participating in the project. 

The questions included in the SHARELIFE interview which were developed for the eight new participating countries involved in Wave 7 of the SHARE study, which includes Latvia, were focused on respondents’ life histories including all important areas of the respondents’ lives, ranging from partners and children to housing and work history to detailed questions on health and health care.

To view the data on Latvia and other countries, it is necessary to register as a SHARE data user (register here). The data is only available after your application has been approved. Your application must be sent to the SHARE Research Data Centre (CentERdata, the Netherlands).

The SHARE project is a study which provides information on health as well as economic, demographic and psychological aspects obtained through interviews of people aged 50 or older. SHARE is a longitudinal study meaning that respondents are interviewed repeatedly every two years which provides the opportunity to compare the changing dynamics of participants’ lives. The second phase of the SHARE project in Latvia (Wave 8) will be carried out in 2019–2020.