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The objective of the RSU Institute of Public Health is to carry out research, undertake academic training and promote the acquisition and improvement of scientific qualifications in the area of public health and healthcare organisation.

Objectives of the Institute

  • Scientific expertise in the areas of public health, health management, health economics and health technology assessment
  • Research, development and approbation of innovative research methods, cooperation with research institutes in other countries
  • Drafting of scientific evidence-based guidelines and standards
  • Participation in national and international scientific grants, programmes and research projects

Advisory Council *

  • Uldis Berķis, Ministry of Education and Science, Field Expert of Department of Higher Education, Science and Innovation **
  • Ingus Alliks, Secretary of State, Ministry of Welfare
  • Gunta Rožkalne, Head of Unit, Data Analysis and Research of Non-infectious Diseases, Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
  • Dace Krievkalne, Senior Officer, Social Statistical Data Collection and Analysis Department, Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
  • Māris Baltiņš, Director of Terminology Commission of Latvian Academy of Sciences and Director of Latvian State Language Centre
  • Inga Milaševiča, a. Director of The National Health Service
  • Dr. Uldis Mitenbergs, the Head of Country Office and Liaison Officer in Latvia, World Health Organisation

* Approved at the RSU Institute of Public Health Scientific Council meeting, 6 March 2018 (Minutes No. 23-a-11/1)
** Approved at the RSU Institute of Public Health Scientific Council meeting, 20 November 2018 (Minutes No. 23-a-11/3)

News archive

Health policy updates (Latvia)
  • The Health Systems and Policy Monitor of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.
    • Behmane D. Update on The government channels an additional 50 million EUR for the health sector in 2020, but fails to reach the legally promised funding level. Published 20/09/2019
    • Behmane D. Health Care Financing Law introduces compulsory health insurance in 2019.  Published 31/01/2018,
    • Behmane D. Reform of day care provision. Published 02/04/2018
    • Behmane D. New plan for maternal and child care. Published 23/07/2018