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Graduate Medical Training

This year, the Latvian Medical Association (LMA) presented its 11th Annual Prize in Medicine. The awards have 15 categories and lecturers and students from Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) won several.

Ilze Skuja, a general practitioner from Veselības centrs 4 and an Assistant at the RSU Department of Family Medicine, was recognised as General Practitioner of the Year. Ilze is an experienced general practitioner, who embodies the essence of a general practitioner by being responsive, understanding, and knowledgeable. Her patients acknowledge that her list of good deeds is always growing and that she deserves the unconditional love she gets.

Olga Cereļa, a nurse at the Riga Maternity Hospital and a student in the RSU Nursing master's programme, won the Nurse of the Year award. Grateful patients write in their comments that nurse Olga possesses supernatural abilities, inexhaustible energy, empathy, and a sense of humour. Her patients never forget the emotional support they receive from her.

Traditionally, the Annual Prize in Medicine has also been presented in the category Young Doctor of the Year. The winners of this award are selected by experts from the Latvian Medical Association and the Latvian Junior Doctors’ Association. In the category Lecturer of the Year 2020, medical students, including RSU students, voted for their teachers.

Zane Vitenberga-Verza, a lecturer at the RSU Department of Morphology, became Lecturer of the Year. According to her students, Zane is always welcoming and respectful, takes a genuine interest in her students’ learning, and is always engaged. She a great lecturer and a wonderful person.

Read an interview with Zane Vitenberga-Verza from 2019, when she won the RSU Lecturer of the Year award.

Dana Isarova is the Acting Head of the Infection Control Service at the Children's Clinical University Hospital andan RSU resident paediatrician. Dana received the award in the Young Doctor of the Year category. She took the lead of the Children's Clinical University Hospital Infection Control Service at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under her leadership, all employees received clear communication regarding the developing situation and security measures were implemented.

Not only the best doctors from the past year, but also the best healthcare institution were chosen through a public vote. The Hospital of the Year award was presented to Daugavpils Regional Hospital, which is one of four RSU strategic partner hospitals in Latvia. The hospital has shown its strength during the COVID-19 pandemic by uniting the hospital team, overcoming difficulties and challenges in unprecedented unity, and doing everything possible for the benefit of its patients.

You can get more information about the other categories and winners on the Latvian Medical Association’s website (in Latvian).

RSU congratulates its lecturers and students with their achievements!