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Residents' Stories

This is my first year in the Radiology residency programme and the starting point of my story. The rapid changes in my life have been positive, even though this first year has turned out to be nothing like I expected.

I knew that I wanted to do a residency in radiology, so I attended a radiology student scientific interest group and conferences during my studies to learn more about this field. I appreciate the cooperation with doctor Ilze Apine as I was drafting my research paper. She helped me elaborate on my research and gave me advice when I needed it.


I grew up near Liepāja and always kept Liepāja Regional Hospital in mind as the place to do my residency. I was pleasantly surprised by the extensive opportunities the hospital offered and how responsive the staff and administration have been. Inga Frišmane, the Head of the Radiology Department of the hospital, was very forthcoming, so I stayed at the hospital even after completing my placement. The time I spent there helped me make the final decision to become a resident physician at Liepāja Regional Hospital.

When I applied for residency studies, I sensed that the competition for the programme would be tough, but I took the risk, because I knew that it was what I wanted. At first the risk did not pay off, because I did not receive a state-funded study place. At that point, I thought of waiting until next year to try again, but after talking to my parents, Ilze Apine, prof. Ilze Grope and consulting with Liepāja Regional Hospital, I decided to start my studies anyway. My decision paid off sooner than I expected, because a few months later I received a state-funded study place.


I have two recommendations for students; first to use the opportunities RSU offers to attend and complete a placement in a regional hospital, because it could help you make your decision after your sixth year; my second recommendation is not to be afraid of discussing your study opportunities if you don’t receive a state-funded place from the start, because everything can change.