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On Thursday, 28 May, the Latvian National Armed Forces  received a computerised personality assessment tool. It was developed for use by military psychologists by by Latvian scientists from Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) in cooperation with Rīga Technical University (RTU).

The personality assessment system includes a personality test that complies with internationally accepted scientific standards and has been adapted to the specificities of the Latvian cultural environment.  The system is designed to assess soldiers’ personality traits and their mental state.

The new personality assessment system will enable military psychologists at the Psychological Diagnostics Centre of the Latvian National Armed Forces to select staff more quickly and accurately. It is important to be able to determine whether candidates have the necessary characteristics and to assess their suitability for certain tasks.

The Ministry of Defence signed an agreement with RSU and RTU in 2017 on conducting a study with the aim of developing a modern personality assessment system that would be used to select personnel for the Latvian National Armed Forces and to assess the mental health of soldiers.