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The Riga Architecture Award 2021 commended Rīga Stradiņš University’s (RSU) project to reconstruct historical stables into the new RSU Anatomy Museum.

The project has received a certificate of recognition from Riga City Architect Gvido Princis for outstanding teamwork in reconstructing the historical stables into a contemporary museum.


The project was commissioned by RSU, the building was designed by SIA Nams Ltd., and the construction was carried out by SIA Velve Ltd. and SIA Delta Construction Ltd.

This year, the annual Riga Architecture Award was presented for the sixteenth time. In addition to the main award, the Riga City Architect's Office also awards certificates of recognition to individual architectural structures. The certificate of recognition was presented to RSU by Riga City Vice-Mayor Vilnis Ķirsis and Riga City Architect Gvido Princis.


The idea to renovate the historic stable building that is located in the territory of the RSU Anatomicum, and to create the new Anatomy Museum there originated at RSU in 2015. In 2016, the sketch of the building was made, while the construction project was developed over the next two years. The building was fully rebuilt and adapted to the needs of the museum between 2018 and 2020. The museum opened its doors to visitors on 16 June 2021.The new RSU Anatomy Museum is a significant long-term investment into the development of medical education and science in Latvia.

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