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A training course was held on 20 March in the Clinic of Emergency Medicine and Patient Admission of the Riga East University Hospital to test doctors' skills and responses to patients who might have COVID-19. The training was led by Reinis Balmaks, senior simulation instructor at the RSU Medical Education Technology Center, who gave an assessment and a summary of the doctors after the training concluded.

In the situation that was simulated a patient with symptoms indicative of COVID-19 arrives at the clinic. In the scenario, the patient's condition rapidly deteriorates. The participating medical team quickly evaluated the situation and handled their task perfectly, providing the patient with the necessary help and isolated them from others at the hospital.

'As COVID-19 spreads we are likely to see more and more patients coming in to the admissions clinic themselves. A training exercise like this is the best way to prepare for such situations. The medical staff gain valuable experience and can refine their professional skills. Participating in simulations also allows you to spot flaws that need attention so that there is no delay in delivering care,' says Alexejs Višņakovs, Board Member and Head of the Clinic of Emergency Medicine and Patient Admission, Riga Eastern Hospital.

Imants Paeglītis, Chairman of the Board of Riga East University Hospital, Kaspars Plūme, Member of the Board, and Prof. Haralds Plaudis, Director of Treatment, oversaw the doctors' training.

'We have already made improvements to the clinic. Patients arriving by themselves are only admitted to the waiting room with other patients after an initial check-up in order to prevent the risk of patients infected with COVID-19 coming into contact with others,' explains Višņakovs.