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The researchers at RSU studying the effects of COVID-19 on sexual and reproductive health have just entered the qualitative research phase. Group discussions and individual interviews with policy makers and leading medical practitioners in the field of sexual and reproductive health are mostly held at Maternity Hospital in Riga, the biggest maternity hospital in Latvia. In September, the researchers involved in the project met with the team from the hospital and spoke about the National Research Programme to mitigate the consequences of COVID-19.

Prof. Gunta Lazdāne spoke about the aims and methods of the sub-project ‘The need to identify changes to ensure the continuity of reproductive health care services and the reduction of risky behaviours of the population during and after COVID-19’ and encouraged the representatives from the Maternity Hospital to support the project’s implementation. 

pasakums_rigas_dzemdibu_nams .JPG

Informative event at the Maternity Hospital in Riga


Dr. Vija Veisa, President of the Latvian Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, after the interview with RSU researchers Dr. Ieva Briedīte and student Darja Mihailova.

Dr _Markova_Prof_Lazdane.jpg

The project’s team of researchers would like to thank Dr. Santa Markova, the Chairperson of the Management Board of the Riga Maternity Hospital, and the Riga Maternity Hospital team for their cooperation and understanding. 

From the left: Prof. Gunta Lazdāne and Dr. Santa Markova.