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Support for Ukraine

Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) has been providing both emotional and financial support to Ukrainian students since the very first day of the war: stipends, tuition fee discounts, and accommodation in the University’s student hostels. RSU is also ready to admit Ukrainian students who have fled their country.

Latvian Radio met with two medical students at RSU, Yevheniia Demydova and Kateryna Perepichai, whose families, friends, and acquaintances are still in Ukraine.

rsu_ukrainu_studentes.jpgPhoto from Latvijas Radio archive

'It was seven in the morning, and I was still lying in bed when I saw a missed call form my mum. She wasn’t calling via the internet, because she knows I always turn it off when I go to bed. That’s when I realised that something bad had happened. When she called, she said: “Katya, don't worry, but the war has started”,’ the student recalls.