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Conferences, workshops

The RSU Department of Health Psychology and Paedagogy is organising an international conference, Health and Personality Development: an Interdisciplinary Approach, on 27-29 April 2020.

The conference is being held for the sixth time, but this year will be the first time that it takes place online, making it a new experience for both speakers and participants.


The aim of the conference is to present the latest research and practical work in the field of psychological research, evaluation and aid, as well as to highlight issues of professional identity and promote the integration of research into the study process. The conference programme testifies to cohesive teamwork and the experience that the department has amassed over six years in research, international cooperation and academic work. 

The three-day programme will feature reports, lectures and masterclasses presented by both international and local speakers, doctoral students, professionals and students. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to over 40 presentations, among them presentations given by four guest lecturers, and participate in seven masterclasses.

The first day of the conference will address a wide range of issues regarding psychological aid, including digital intervention, as well as highlight new approaches to research, i.e. visual methods and their application, and current psychometric models.

The second day will feature a symposium dedicated to a national research programme on Latvian heritage and future challenges to national sustainability – Latvijas mantojums un nākotnes izaicinājumi valsts ilgtspējai projektam Latvijas valsts un sabiedrības izaicinājumi un risinājumi starptautiskā kontekstā (INTERFRAME-LV). The core of the programme is to foster collaboration between research and practice.


The final day of the conference will start with a panel discussion on the application of visual data in research. The conference is thereafter organised into three sections during which attendees will be able to listen to 30 reports given by lecturers from the RSU Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare, the Faculty of Rehabilitation, the Faculty of Communication and the Faculty of Medicine. RSU doctoral students will participate as well giving an outline of their research and theses. The day will conclude with a masterclass – an open lecture on clinical interviews and a discussion on supervision. Participants will also be able to attend a masterclass by a colleague from the US who has been working at the department as a Fulbright scholar.

By participating in the conference, students, researchers and practitioners will deepen their knowledge on how various health professionals can contribute to health and healing in an interdisciplinary way.

The conference will be held online. Up to 12 continuing education credits will be granted for participation in each conference day. There is no participation fee.