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RSU Library

UpToDate is an e-resource designed to provide physicians the access to current clinical information. It addresses specific clinical issues in the form of topic reviews. Topic reviews include very specific clinical titles. Text includes embedded links to MEDLINE abstracts of referenced studies and other related topic reviews. Reviews may also include links to charts, X rays, photographs, movies, and drug information. UpToDate covers primarily internal medicine and its subspecialties.


Access will be granted via RSU IP authentication (only RSU stationary computers).

The full version of the database outside the RSU can be accessed by creating a personal profile on the UpToDate platform (registration guide). You can create a personal profile by connecting to the database only from RSU computers. After logging in through your personal profile, you can then connect to UpToDate from anywhere, anytime.

A mandatory requirement is to renew your personal account every 90 days (three months) by logging in from RSU computers.