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For students

Dear students,

At the end of the year, together with colleagues from RSU ISA and other students we discussed improvement opportunities for RSU study programmes, including “Medicine”. The following aspects are very essential to RSU: the mobility of our students, harmonisation and synchronisation of course content and volume with similar programmes at other European universities, a gradual increase of the proportion of placements, strengthening of the quality of the study process.

We are currently exploring opportunities to carry out the aforementioned changes in a manner that firstly  would not interfere with the successful study process of current active students and secondly, comply with the accreditation requirements and Latvian and European laws and regulations. We are planning to gradually implement changes in favour of the interests and needs of students in the international labour market and provide them with better opportunities to undergo placement or carry out their studies in clinics and hospitals in their home countries. The current solutions have already proven to be very successful, they have been positively evaluated by RSU students and add both international scale and greater practicality to the study process.

I would also like to notify that any changes will be introduced with the participation and support of all involved parties and implemented following the principle of voluntary participation. There is no cause for concern about sudden or uncoordinated changes to the schedule of the study programme. RSU will precisely execute the current study contracts and strive to ensure the highest study quality possible. It is a common goal for all of us – students and RSU staff.

On behalf of the academic and administrative staff, I wish you a new year filled with exciting and valuable studies, great academic achievements, good friends and moments of happiness!

Prof. Guntis Bahs

Vice-Rector for Health Studies