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On Friday 12 February, 397 Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) graduates from 23 study programmes were awarded their diplomas. One third of the graduates are international students. This was the first graduation ceremony for the Health Communication master’s study programme. 

Among the graduates were new industrial and clinical pharmacists, health psychologists, health sport specialists and social work specialists, nutrition specialists, physiotherapists and art therapists, social anthropologists, lawyers, as well as health managers and entrepreneurs. This year all winter graduation ceremonies were held online.

The winter graduation commenced with International Student Department celebrating their 133 graduates. Among them, 119 graduates came from the Medicine programme, 13 from the Dentistry programme and 2 from the Health Management programme. RSU is a university with a very international study environment – every fourth student is international.

The graduation ceremonies for the healthcare study programmes were held next, and eight graduates from the Industrial Pharmacy master’s study programme, which is implemented jointly by RSU and Riga Technical University, and the Clinical Pharmacy master’s study programme, received their diplomas. From these 25  graduates were from the Faculty of Rehabilitation and were awarded diplomas in nutrition, art therapy and physiotherapy. 68 graduates from the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare received their diplomas.  Among them were graduates from the first level professional Health Sport Specialist programme, who gained the professional qualification of fitness trainers, the Health Psychology master’s programme and the Health Management master’s programme (offered jointly by RSU and RISEBA), graduates from the Health Sport bachelor’s programme, as well as graduates from the Social Work bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

The winter graduation ended with a graduation ceremony for the social sciences programmes which included the Management of International Marketing and Business and International Business and Law programmes from the Faculty of European Studies. This winter, ten students graduated from the Faculty of Communication. Diplomas were presented to graduates from the Social Anthropology master’s programme. Meanwhile, the Health Communication master’s programme will have their first graduation ceremony since the programme was implemented two years ago. As usual, the number of the graduates from the Faculty of Law is high. This winter, diplomas will be presented to 128 graduates who have obtained bachelor's or master’s degrees in the Science of Law.