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On 28 March 2023, EATRIS and EPF, together with affiliated partner EATG launched the Patient Engagement Resource Centre (PERC), a platform designed to help researchers better engage patients in their research.


The PERC was developed as part of the Horizon 2020 project, EATRIS-Plus.

The PERC is an easy to navigate platform that offers publicly available guidance, training and practical tools to support researchers to begin engaging patients in their research. It is also a practical tool for patients to access and promote to the researchers they work with. The platform features selected relevant public resources to help researchers understand the basics of patient engagement, and guide them through the different phases of patient engagement: from planning to conducting and evaluating, and will ultimately enable researchers to engage with patients in a meaningful way.

The PERC also features fundamentals section for researchers who are new to patient engagement, as well as a stories section which includes testimonials from researchers, patients and carers who worked together.

The Patient Engagement Resource Centre is publicly available from 28 March 2023.

PERC platform