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A Doctorate is the next step after a Master's degree (or what is generally considered the end of one’s studies) that can increase one’s competitiveness in the job market. One improves one’s skills in the academic and research area and defends one’s thesis. It is possible that subsequently you might wish to pass on your knowledge further by joining the teaching staff at RSU. Currently there are more than 200 doctoral students at RSU.

In 2020, 36 doctoral students successfully graduated from RSU's seven doctoral study programs. They all still have yet to defend their dissertations. We wish them luck!


ProgrammeNumber of students
Communication Culture and Multimedia1
Political Science3

Study programmes and methods 

Full-time accredited doctoral study programmes in Medicine, Pharmacy, Sociology, Law, Political Science, Communication Culture & Multimedia, and Pschology are available.

RSU has joined Europe’s Doctorate Concept and the so-called Bologna Declaration, in which doctoral education has been mentioned as one of the main work priorities for Europe’s universities. 

The goal of the programmes is to provide interested persons with doctoral study and research opportunities to acquire a PhD. The task of the programme is to prepare a new generation of scientists who would correspond to the requirements of international standards for research and academic work, and to ensure a further support to the economy.

Doctoral studies are available as full-time studies in the doctoral degree programme (3 years), in which doctoral students undertake theoretical courses, acquire practical skills and carry out their scientific work independently .

It is possible to obtain state scholarships, European Social Fund funding, or a Marie Curie scholarship for doctoral studies, as well as attendance at other European universities by taking part in the ERASMUS Student Exchange Programme.


Study ProgrammeHead of ProgrammeECTSLengthLanguageAccreditation Term
MedicineProf. Sandra Lejniece1803 yrsLatvian6 Jun 2019
PharmacyAssoc. Prof. Dace Bandere1803 yrsLavtvian6 Jun 2019
SociologyAsst. Prof. (acting) Anda Laķe1803 yrsLatvian6 Jun 2019
LawProf. Sandra Kaija1803 yrsLatvian6 Jun 2019
Political ScienceAsst. Prof. Māris Andžāns1803 yrsLatvian, English6 Jun 2019
Communication Culture & MediaProf. Sergejs Kruks1803 yrsLatvian, English6 Jun 2019
PsychologyAssoc. Prof. Kristīne Mārtinsone1803 yrsLatvian, English2 Jun 2021

Regulations of the Department of Doctoral Studies
Academic Regulations for Doctoral Studies

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