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The objective of the Department of Orthodontics is to implement a high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate education programme, to develop scientific and international cooperation.

Main fields of activity

  • Undergraduate education according to RSU-accredited study programmes – Craniofacial Morphology and Orthodontics (diagnostics of dentofacial anomalies and fundamental treatment issues)
  • RSU TIF second-level professional higher education study programme Residency in Medicine in the speciality Ortodontics
    Implementation of a doctoral programme – the basis for doctoral students’ scientific and pedagogical work
  • Scientific studies (carried out by students, resident physicians, doctoral students, etc.), international and local scientific projects

Lines of research

  • Three-dimensional and immunohistochemical study of bone tissue and soft tissue in face and jaw deformation
  • Studies of the temporomandibular joint – as part of  European project euroTMJoint
  • Development of facial 3D stereophotography diagnostics and study of facial changes in cooperation with Cardiff, Oulu and Kaunas University

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