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To educate students about the role of otorhinolaryngology in general pathology, to acquaint students with ear, throat and nose diseases, their clinical manifestations, diagnosis, prevention and treatment, as well as to develop the necessary skills to perform ENT examinations.

Main tasks

  • To organise qualified otorhinolaryngology education,
  • To supervise students' scientific research,
  • To prepare students for working independently with patients, as well as to be able to read the examination results,
  • To optimise the study process and to use modern training methods.

Research directions, projects, grants

Research directions

  • Morphological and immunohistochemical characteristics of cholesteatoma tissues,
  • Surgical treatment of thyroid cancer,
  • Immunohistochemical characteristics of the nasal mucosa in chronic rhinosinusitis,
  • Use of platelet-enriched plasma in tympanum reconstruction,
  • Prevalence of HPV in patients with oropharyngeal cancer,
  • The role of biofilm in the pathogenesis of chronic tonsillitis.

Cooperation partners

  • Department of Surgery, RSU Faculty of Medicine,
  • Riga East Clinical University Hospital,
  • Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital,
  • Children's Clinical University Hospital.

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