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International Cooperation

From 13 to 15 September, the annual seminar in otosurgery and otoneurosurgery, titled “Progress in Otiatry” was organised by the Georges Portmann Institute of the European Academy of Otology and Neuro-Otology (EAONO) and the Ukrainian Association of Otiatricians, Oto-Neurosurgeons and Otoneurologists and held in Kiev (Ukraine). Assistant Professor and head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Gunta Sumeraga took part as an honorary lecturer. Her department colleagues and medical residents also participated.


The lecture given by Asst. Prof. Gunta Sumeraga, titled The relation of spontaneous round window membrane rupture to acute sensorineural hearing loss, was recognised by leading otologists from Europe, the USA and Eastern Europe and evoked an extensive, though positive discussion about this little-explored phenomenon. Gunta Sumeraga received the Golden Stirrup award which is the highest form of recognition given to otosurgeons.


In addition, Asst. Prof. Gunta Sumeraga was an instructor in a temporal bone dissection and middle ear surgery simulation class at which, among other participants, RSU colleagues and medical residents acquired practical skills..