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We are proud to announce that on the 5th RSU Health Day that was held this Wednesday on 25 April, RSU staff members and students donated 20.5 litres of blood. The lobby on the first floor of the RSU central building was turned into a venue for health check-ups where everyone could undergo various health checks and be informed on how to ergonomically optimise one’s workspace. As 25 April is celebrated in Europe as No Elevators Day, RSU staff members and students were encouraged to join this initiative and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

The amount of blood donated at the RSU blood drive will make it possible to help 60 people, as with one blood donation you can save 3 lives. On Health Day blood was donated by 45 donors, 18 of them were first-time donors, which is particularly important for succession in the donor movement. Almost a half of the donors were our international students.  

The lobby in the RSU main building was turned into a venue for health check-ups where medical students from the Otorhinolaryngology and Oncology scientific societies, the students of the study programme Nursing and the members of the Association of Latvian Medical Students offered to check your blood pressure, test blood glucose levels, calculate BMI and undergo other health checks. They also advised on cancer risks.

To motivate RSU employees and students to take good care of their health and that of others, RSU Health Day is held twice a year – in autumn and spring.  The next RSU Health Day is scheduled for autumn 2018.