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The annual RSU Freshmen’s Sports Day was held on 6 September, gathering over 250 students who competed in both team sports and individual disciplines. Among team sports disciplines, volleyball was the most popular among students – 18 teams took part in the volleyball tournament, six teams played basketball and eight teams – football.

In the volleyball tournament, following an intensive and long battle,  second and third place were awarded to international student teams How I see your mother and Lūdzu vienu alu, while local student team Meitenes won the tournament.

In the basketball 3x3 and shooting competitions, third place in the overall ranking was earned by the women’s team Četras debespuses, second place was awarded to Metēji, and finally the team Zoļik represented by several young players of the RSU basketball team won first place.

Newly-admitted international students competed in the football tournament. Third place was won by the team The Unbeatable, second – by FC Energie kotz bus, and Soccer people were the winners of the tournament.

In individual disciplines, track and field athletes faced the stiffest competition, with 30 students competing in the 100m and 1000m races. Among the female athletes, in the 100 m race, third place was taken by Evita Dzervinka, Darja Mihailova finished second, whereas Dinija Pāvelsone came first.  In the 1000 m race Julia Quintane Sotezos gained third place, Judith Staudenmeyer came second and Sofija Ločmele won the race.

Among male athletes in the 100 m race, medals were won by the basketballers. Third place winner was Krišjānis Ivbulis, Jēkabs Blodons came second, and the winner was Mikus Zupiņš. In the men’s 1000 m race, third place winner was Simon Furher, second place was taken by Helmuts Īristis, and Armands Snarskis won the race. 

Inflatable attractions were set up for the students, with fifteen teams competing to overcome obstacles. The team Agate was the fastest. Eleven teams skied on huge inflatable skis, the Chiky blue sticks team was undefeated in this discipline.

In individual disciplines – the power relay and competition using fitness equipment designed by RSU Sports Club coaches,  Missa Pulkkanen was the winner among the female athletes in the power relay discipline, whereas, Juris Ezels – among the male athletes. Competitions using fitness equipment were organised in two disciplines and the winners are determined by the combined performance in both disciplines in two weight classes. In the women’s  61.5 kg weight class, the winner was Eleonor Henricson, whereas in the 61.5 kg and above weight class, Una Kasparsone had the best results. Igors Miļuhins won in the men’s 75 kg category. 


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