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Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) ranks 301 – 400 among the world’s leading universities in the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2020 after the university was assessed by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The ranking shows how efficient a university's performance is at fostering sustainable development in the world and their inclusion of social, economic and environmental aspects into this work. RSU received the highest ranking in the category for promoting a healthy lifestyle (Good Health). 



  • To implement the goals in the Good Health category, RSU has developed and built research to facilitate health promotion and to contribute to healthcare organisations and welfare.
  • RSU is the only university in Latvia that has traditionally been closely integrated into the healthcare system. This creates preconditions for Latvian medical institutions to perform successfully. The most prominent research platforms at RSU are medicine, public health and social sciences.

RSU’s efforts in striving to reach the goals Peace and Justice, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Partnerships are also highly valued.

  • To implement the goals in the Peace and Justice category, RSU promotes a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development, ensures fair access to justice for all and creates effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.
    The governing bodies at RSU are designed to include representation of all university staff and students. The academic and administrative staff, as well as representatives from the Student Union, are involved in the university's decision-making bodies (the Constitutional Assembly and the Senate). The governing bodies at RSU are designed to provide flexible, transparent and inclusive decision-making at all levels, ensuring responsible involvement of staff and students in all processes.
  • To implement the goals of the Sustainable Cities and Communities category, RSU strives to make cities and populated areas inclusive, safe, adaptable and sustainable.
    RSU pays great attention to the accessibility of its facilities, and the improvement of and accessibility to green, recreational areas. The newly renovated park in Dārza Iela that was opened in 2019 is, for example, accessible not only to the university's staff and students, but also to residents and visitors. The university's infrastructure, including the gym, museum and library, is also open to the general public.
  • To implement the goals in the Partnerships category, RSU is strengthening the means for implementing Global Partnership and renews the Global Partnership for sustainable development.
    It is RSU’s mission to be a modern, prestigious, renowned university in Europe and worldwide, to put people at the centre, and provide research-based, high-quality and exportable higher education. One of the university's strategic goals is internationalisation and international mobility, which transverse study and research processes. Within the framework of international and local cooperation, RSU has been implementing several projects to meet the above-listed sustainable development aims.

Sustainable development is one of RSU’s priorities. RSU plans to implement its long-term development strategy to become a modern, prestigious university recognised in Europe and the world, where the main value is people and that provides research-based, high-quality and exportable higher education.
This year, the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings assessed 766 universities from 85 countries against 17 Sustainable Development Goals. At the top of the list is the University of Auckland in New Zealand, while the University of Sydney is ranked second, and Western Sydney University – third.
The results of the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings were announced on 22 April. The Latvian University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Riga Technical University and the University of Latvia are also included among the world’s leading universities.

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