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For Students
For RSU Employees

Additional epidemiological safety measures will be introduced at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) between 9 and 23 November 2020 in order to reduce the health risks to RSU students, staff and guests, as well as the risk to the continuity of research and scientific activity at RSU.

For the period of 9 to 23 November, the study process will take place remotely, with the following exceptions:

  • Rotation placements for 6th-year students in the Medicine study programme continue without changes, including on-site placements, in accordance with the schedules that have been developed and agreed upon with the medical institutions;
  • The study process in the Dentistry study programme is carried out using a blended approach, i.e. combining remote and in person learning in compliance with the epidemiological safety requirements at medical institutions;
  • The practical aspects of study programmes within the health studies direction are carried out at the RSU Medical Education Technology Centre in cooperation with the departments involved, providing training both remotely and in person in compliance with epidemiological safety requirements.

Heads of study programmes are obliged to ensure that all epidemiological safety measures and instructions by third parties (medical institutions, clinical base units, placement locations, places of practice etc.) are strictly followed when carrying out RSU study activities at these institutions.

The aforementioned time period may come to be amended by a special Rector’s decree in conformity with the current trends in the spread of COVID-19 infection and other regulatory enactments.

Rector's Decree, 6 November 2020: On the further organisation of the study process under conditions of the spread of COVID-19 infection 

Attention! In view of an epidemiological assessment of the growing risk of the spread of COVID-19, a national state of emergency has been declared in Latvia, which will be in effect between 9 November and 6 December. Strict medical safety measures will be introduced all the while ensuring compliance with the basic rights of the country’s residents, and enabling them to access essential services.

RSU would like to remind you that in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19: 

  • Observe self-isolation if you have arrived from abroad;
  • Observe social distancing and avoid attending public events outside your studies;
  • Always use a face mask on RSU premises;
  • Observe a distance of 2m when gathering in larger groups;
  • Disinfect and wash your hands regularly;
  • Take care of your health! If you show any symptoms of respiratory infection, stay at home and inform your family doctor. If you test positive for COVID-19, self-isolate and inform your faculty immediately.
Let's respect one another and keep ourselves and others safe!