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Rīga Stradiņš University Institute of the History of Medicine was founded in 1991, and is the only institute in the Baltics that is dedicated to research and training in medical history. The Institute’s staff conduct research and pedagogical work, run the Latvian Association of Medical Historians, and publish the academic journal Acta medico-historica Rigensia in co-operation with the Pauls Stradiņš Museum for History of Medicine.

Areas of activity

  • Implementation of the study course “History of Medical and Life Sciences" for students of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Rehabilitation;
  • Research in the field of the history of medicine, life sciences and pharmaceutical industry in Latvia and countries of the Baltic Sea region in the context of the global history of medicine;
  • Research and consultative support on the collection, preservation and interpretation of tangible and intangible medical heritage and promotion of availability of this heritage for research, education, museology, and art;
  • International networking in the fields of research and training in medical history, invitation of leading medical historians to give guest lectures and the organisation of the annual congress of the International Medical Historians Association in 2020.


  • Medicine in the Baltic Sea Region since the early 20th Century: Networks, transfers, consequences
    Co-organised by the Department of History of Medicine at Lund University (Sweden) and the Department of History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf (Germany). Duration: 2020-2021.


Membership in International Organisations

  • Baltic Association of History and Philosophy of Science
  • The International Society of the History of Medicine
  • The International Society of the History of Pharmacy
  • The European Association of Museums of the Medical Sciences
  • International Council of Museums

Cooperation Universities and Scientific Institutions

  • University of Tartu
  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • University of Bari
  • Roche Historical Collection and Archive
  • University Clinic of Cologne
  • Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
  • Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Kazan Federal University
  • Uppsala University
  • Peking University

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