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For Students

At the end of September, third-year students of the International Marketing and Advertising Bachelor’s study programme at the Department of International Business and Economics of the Faculty of European Studies visited the company Madara Cosmetics.

The purpose of this visit was to learn about the company’s operations and to evaluate the sustainability potential of the Madara Cosmetics brand, putting to use knowledge they have obtained during their studies.


Students at the Madara Cosmetics offices. Photo from the faculty's archive.

Kristīne Blumfelde-Rutka, lecturer and Head of the Bachelor’s study programme International Marketing and Advertising (Mg. sc. soc.) says of this visit:

‘Students today need high-quality knowledge, but seeing how this knowledge is used in real life in their particular field is equally as important.

The aim of the Development and Management of International Brands course is to introduce students to the concept of brands and the essence of brand management, looking at it as a set of activities and processes in today’s international business environment. They also study brand values, associations, how competitiveness is formed, and factors affecting competitiveness. That is why the excursion to visit one of the most well-known Latvian cosmetics brands was a great opportunity for the students to get acquainted with how the subjects they are studying are applied within the company. It provided them with an opportunity to see a practical example of international marketing and advertising. Such off-site workshops are also excellent team-building events, facilitated by informal communication.’

The International Marketing and Advertising programme prepares specialists with a thorough education in marketing and advertising, providing them with the skills to apply the results of fundamental and practical research and to be prepared for practical work in companies and agencies.