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For Students

A group of students representing the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) International Student Association (ISA) enthusiastically participated in the Taurenis sports and active recreation festival organised by the RSU Student Union (Studējošo pašpārvalde, SP). The ISA team consisted of ten members, including both current and former board members.


RSU ISA and RSU SP board members

The event featured various sports activities that were all well-organised and engaging. The day began with a series of warm-up games, comprising five rounds. Each round was meant for only six participants, and team members rotated in each round. The games included a challenging maze, where the participants had to navigate through tape-strung trees without touching them. Another game involved passing a ball through pipe-like structures without dropping it. Additionally, there was a jump rope challenge where two members held the ends, while four had to jump simultaneously. Another challenge involved participants wearing oversized boots and using mini broomsticks to pass a ball along the ground to one end of the field and back. The next challenge was an egg-and-spoon race. In the final game, participants were challenged to stack boxes without using their hands. This was done by one member acting as the support and carrying the others, allowing them to use their legs to pile up the boxes.


RSU ISA football team 

After the warm-up activities, the teams played laser tag and the ISA team progressed to the quarter-finals. The students also played basketball, volleyball, and football, where the ISA performed exceptionally well and made it to the finals, ultimately coming in fourth place.


The event took place in Taurene, and the students left from RSU's main building at 6.30 on Saturday. Upon arrival, they set up their camping tents and registered their team members. The day was quite cold, but the participants managed to stay warm with their hoodies and blankets. The overall organisation of the event was commendable. A delicious lunch was served at 14.00, and there were additional food options available, including coffee and pizza trucks. The activities continued throughout the day, concluding with a lively party featuring music. An entertaining talent show was also held, with each team delivering impressive performances. The students had the opportunity to engage with other participants, dance, and enjoy the music. Later in the evening, everyone walked to a nearby lake, where they had a delightful barbecue, accompanied by music. The night ended on a high note.

The following day, breakfast was provided, and the sports competitions resumed with the semi-finals and finals. In the afternoon, the event culminated in an awards ceremony. After the ceremony, all students boarded the bus back to Riga, filled with unforgettable memories.

Reflecting on the experience, the participants shared their favourite moments. The talent show stood out, as teams encouraged the crowd to participate in various dances, fostering a sense of camaraderie among all the students present. The barbecue, with its serene surroundings and breathtaking view, provided a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. Overall, the ISA students cherished their time at the event.