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Traumatoloģija, ortopēdija

The first orthopaedics course at the RSU Clinical Training Centre at the Ziv Medical Centre, Israel took place on 2 -23 September. Seven RSU students from Israel took part in the course.

The study course in orthopaedics for RSU students was conducted by one of the most prominent traumatologists and orthopaedists in treating complicated injuries to the limbs – Professor Alexander Lerner, MD, PhD, Professor at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine of the Bar-Ilan University, Head of the Orthopaedics Department at the Ziv Medical Centre. During the study course, students also had the opportunity to attend lectures by two renowned orthopaedic surgeons: Professor Ofer Levi (Great Britain) and Professor Nikolaj Wolfson (USA). 

Students also underwent daily clinical training in an orthopaedic ward and emergency room, as well as trauma and operating room. Students also took an active part in admitting emergency patients, preparing lectures and colloquia. Each student also had the opportunity to examine a patient and prepare a clinical report. During the first two days of the course, students focused on studying anatomy and received training in a virtual dissection lab and anatomy workshop.

The students were visited by the Ambassador of Latvia to Israel Elita Gavele, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the Bar-Ilan University, and the Director of the Ziv Medical Centre. These visits emphasised the importance of international relations between the universities of both countries. Lecturers and doctors praised the RSU students, highlighting their high level of knowledge.

During the course, the students were also visited by Ieva Lejniece, Head of International Clinical Studies at RSU, and Stav Brodsky, RSU Coordinator in Israel.

The course plan was developed in cooperation with the RSU study programme and with the participation of Professor Andris Jumtiņš and Assistant Professor Ruta Jakušonoka.

To make the road RSU students can take to the medical profession even more international, RSU signed a collaboration agreement to establish a clinical training centre with Bar-Ilan University and Ziv Medical Centre on 3 April 2019.