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On 9 July, the Latvian Medical and Dental Association (LĀZA) awarded nine Professor Ilmārs Lazovskis' Memorial Foundation scholarships to senior medical students at the Pauls Stradiņš Museum for History of Medicine, including students at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU). The total amount of financial aid for this year is 6000 USD.


Professor Ilmārs Lazovskis Medical Foundation 2018 scholarship recipients: Vineta Viktorija Vinogradova (RSU), Daiga Marnauza (RSU), Svjatoslavs Kistkins (LU), Vita Lāčplēse (RSU), Ilze Leve (RSU), Ilva Bikanova (RSU), Krista Krūmiņa (RSU), Egija Mičule (LU) together with the Board of LĀZA: Kamena Kaidaka, Kaspars Tūters, Uģis Gruntmanis, Zaiga Alksne-Phillips, Ēriks Niedrītis and Gundars Katlaps. Photo: Jānis Brencis

Ēriks Niedrītis, MD., was one of the initiators to establish the Professor Ilmārs Lazovskis Medical Foundation, who has been managing the foundation for all these years. In his speech to scholarship holders he mentioned the openness and clarity of thought that was so characteristic of Latvian doctor Ilmārs Lazovskis and his wife Edīte Lazovska, also a doctor, and the amicable conversations that were enjoyed by American and Canadian Latvians with their guests from Latvia during the first year of the Third Latvian National Awakening. News of the death of Professor Ilmārs Lazovskis in 2003 inspired the idea of preserving his memory and consequently the Professor Ilmārs Lazovskis' Medical Foundation was established. 67 students from Latvia have already received financial support from the Fund.

This year four students in their final years of study at Latvian medical institutions of higher education received a scholarship (1000 USD) from the Professor Ilmārs Lazovskis' Medical Foundation. Three of the scholarship recipients are RSU students: Ilva Bikanova, Krista Krūmiņa and Ilze Leve.

Professor Ilmārs Lazovskis' Medical Foundation promotion scholarship (400 USD) was awarded to RSU students Daiga Marnauza, Lauma Putniņa, Vita Lāčplēse and Vineta Viktorija Vinogradova.

To remember this day each scholarship recipient also received a book about anatomist and anthropologist Jēkabs Prīmanis And that's how we return….  Publication of the book in 2017 was supported by LĀZA.  Edīte Lazovska's special prize – Ilmārs Lazovskis’ book Clinical Symptoms and Syndromes – was presented to RSU student Krista Krūmiņa, whose dream is to become a gynaecologist in the future. The book was presented by Ilmārs Lazovskis’ daughter, Professor Māra Grudule and his grandchildren, Anna Lazovska and Jānis Lazovskis.


From left: LĀZA scholarship recipient and RSU student Krista Krūmiņa holding I.Lazovskis’ book Clinical Symptoms and Syndromes, Jānis Lazovskis, Anna Lazovska and Professor Māra Grudule. Photo: Kaspars Tūters

The scholarship recipients were also congratulated by LAZA President Uģis Gruntmanis and Member of the Board Kaspars Tūters, Dean of the RSU Faculty of Medicine, Jana Pavāre and others. This year's scholarship recipient, Lauma Putniņa (RSU) had sent a letter of gratitude from Innsbruck where she is on her summer placement in the Cardiology Centre, thanks to the support from LAZA.

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