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98% of students from the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Medicine study programme have been vaccinated against or have recovered from COVID-19. This means that it will be possible to ensure in person studies at RSU this fall, including at medical institutions. On-site studies at all RSU faculties will start on 11 October.

‘Thanks to our excellent digital platforms, modern e-learning environment, responsive and our adaptable teaching staff studies at RSU have not stopped for a second during the pandemic. In the long run, however, high-quality health care studies can only be provided in person, which in this situation means only for students that are deemed “COVID-19 safe”. No one wants a sick student to infect a chronically ill patient and

since the virus can be transmitted anywhere in the university, like the lobby, cafeteria, or library and not only in the auditorium, it was important for us that our entire staff get vaccinated, not only the medical students, which significantly reduces the spread of COVID-19,’ 

explains RSU Rector, Professor Aigars Pētersons. He goes on to add that the preliminary survey of the university shows that almost 95% of RSU lecturers have already been vaccinated.

As the flagship of the health education sector, RSU issued clear instructions regarding vaccination already at the end of May, taking the stance that it is only way to achieve a maximally safe environment. The university operates in a semi-safe regime until 10 October. This means that in addition to people with valid vaccination or recovery certificates, also people who are able to present a negative test result obtained within the last 48 hours can participate in the study process in accordance with the laws and regulations imposed in the country. As of 11 October, students, academic and administrative staff can only be present in person at RSU with an interoperable COVID-19 certificate.