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For Students

The national exams in Clinical Medicine were held from 27 to 29 May within the frame of the summer examination session of the RSU Faculty of Medicine’s 2018/2019 academic year. The exams are a way to assess the knowledge and the practical skills of 6th year students from the Faculty of Medicine. After successfully passing the exams students will obtain a medical doctor’s degree as well as a professional qualification.

In order for the examination to be as independent as possible, high-ranking medical professionals from outside RSU have been invited to chair the National Examination Board. Māris Rēvalds who is Chair of the Board of the health centre Veselības centrs 4 was appointed Chairman of the National Examination Board, while Peter Erich Goretzki, an endocrine surgery professor from Charité – Universitätsmedizin in Berlin, and Prof. Aivars Lejnieks, Head of RSU Department of Internal Diseases, were appointed as his deputies.

This year 288 students sat for the national examination:

  • 187 students from the Faculty of Medicine (incl. the Paediatrics study programme);
  • 97 students from the International Student Department;
  • four students from the Open University.

The national examination takes place over three days.

  • Day 1: verification of theoretical knowledge that lasts four hours during which the students demonstrate their expertise in medicine by answering open questions and solving clinical tasks thus proving their reasoning abilities, their ability to synthesise knowledge, to generate a differential diagnosis and to develop an extensive treatment plan. Eleven departments from the Faculty of Medicine are involved in the verification of the students' theoretical knowledge.
  • Day 2: practical assessment of manipulation skills at RSU Medical Education Technology Centre that takes place all day long.
  • Day 3: assessment of skills required to work with patients in real-life settings. This part of the examination takes place simultaneously at eight clinics in Riga. A commission composed of three academic staff members will evaluate the students’ skills in patient interaction.
In order to ensure that the student distribution in clinics is as objective as possible the students drew lots to select a clinic for the first time this year. They did so using a digital platform developed by the RSU Information Technology Department.

The national examination is the most significant event for both students and academic staff of the RSU Faculty of Medicine as it provides an opportunity to review, analyse and assess knowledge and competencies acquired during a six-year study programme. For the students it is an occasion to explore their abilities, for academic staff – to be proud of the academic achievement of their students. This event brings satisfaction for everyone involved as a new generation of physicians enter the Latvian labour market.