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For RSU Employees
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The construction of a pedestrian bridge and the landscaping works that have been carried in the green area between the Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) main building and the student hostel have brought a two-year project to a close. This area is now a well-tended and pleasant place of respite for university students and staff, as well as local residents to enjoy. Students have named this area Inspiration Park.

Riga City Council made this area available to the RSU provided that it was developed and remained open for public use. The university has invested 218 000 EUR from its own funds. The park has a 567 square foot pedestrian walkway around the grand oak tree at the centre and an outdoor auditorium that can be transformed into a stage if needed. The park also has a campfire site, and the new 9.3 meter long pedestrian bridge makes access easier.

In the 19th century, the site of the present park was the location of the Zengbuši Manor Park. Built in 1850, the manor house on Dārza Iela has survived, and has over the years been a hostel, an orphanage, a library, and offices for several businesses. The oak meadow where the park is now located has been used by residents for years, but has only been cleaned up after this recent investment and attention.

Inspiration Park connects to the neighboring Riga Secondary School No. 41 on the Konsula Iela side. RSU has strengthened its neighborly relationship with this school since signing a co-operation agreement last year that aims to improve the secondary school's students' knowledge of health and social sciences through guest lectures, special activities and counseling.

To celebrate the beautiful surroundings of Dzirciems students, staff and residents are invited to gather on October 15 at 15:00 in the courtyard of the RSU hostel at 5 Dārza Iela.