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Due to the national state of emergency Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) opened its doors to future undergraduate and Master's students virtually on 27-30 April this year. Recordings of the online sessions that were held during the open days are now available on the RSU website. 

Live introductions to the undergraduate programmes took place on 27-30 April. Prospective students could log on from their homes and learn everything about the programmes in eight RSU faculties as well as current students’ experience of these programmes. An online session dedicated to two RSU faculties took place on each of the four days.

The live broadcasts were streamed live on the RSU website with the LMT Straume and LMT Smart TV streaming services. The broadcasts included interviews with academic staff, students, and graduates, as well as several videos on the study environment at RSU and demonstrations of simulation technologies. A live session took place on the RSU Instagram account after the broadcast, where all those interested could ask students additional questions.

An Open Day event was held on 12 May for prospective students interested in the master's programmes at RSU. In the RSU online studio, lecturers and students representing five RSU faculties introduced those interested to the programme content and the study environment, research opportunities and career development paths open to RSU master’s programme graduates.

All the live sessions were moderated by Mārtiņš Daugulis, foreign affairs researcher and RSU lecturer.

The new format that featured live broadcasts from an improvised studio at RSU addressed an audience of almost 30,000 people, which is unprecedented in comparison to the on-site Open Days that used to attract around 1,000 visitors. This was the first year that prospective students to the master's programmes were addressed separately.

Recording of Open Day live broadcast including students' Q&A (in Latvian)

Recording of master's study programme Open Day (in Latvian)