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International Cooperation
For Students

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) promotes cooperation between enterprises and educational and research institutions in order to create an environment that is favourable for innovations and business in Europe. EIT Food is one of the institute’s knowledge and innovation communities that promotes innovations in the food industry. The activities of EIT Food in Latvia are organised by the Rīga Technical University (RTU) Design Factory in cooperation with Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU), Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, the Food and Veterinary Service and Institute of Food Safety, and the Animal Health and Environment BIOR.

The purpose of EIT Food’s activities is to support the commercialisation of new ideas by providing training, mentoring, coaching, early incubation and acceleration, and by helping with prototyping. It is also essential to strengthen cooperation between the industry, start-ups and scientists.

By joining the community RSU gets access to several opportunities. RSU students can now, for example, participate in various competitions and programmes as well as undertake internships of which there are currently two available.

Innovation Prize – competition for start-up companies

The Innovation Prize is a competition for new ideas and start-up companies. The application deadline is 12 May. Anyone with an idea as well as start-up companies are welcome to participate in the competition and to submit ideas that could bring added value to the food industry – anything from manufacturing optimisation solutions, new packaging, to new additives or new product lines. All participants will have a chance to participate and present their solutions to the public at Demo Day of Riga Food 2019, which is the largest food industry exposition in the Baltics and will take place from 4 to 7 September in Exhibition Centre Ķīpsala. Two participants will receive grants – 10 000 EUR for the first place, and 5 000 EUR for the second. You can get more information and application for the competition via the website.


Student internship opportunities

Students have a chance to work at paid internship positions in leading European enterprises by applying to RIS Fellowships Internships or RIS Talents until 13 May. The RIS Fellowships Internship is for master’s students and RIS Talents is for doctoral students who would like to gain experience at an international food company. The internships last three to six months between June and December.

Master’s students will receive 1 350 EUR monthly for participating in the RIS Fellowships Internship, while doctoral students will receive 2 000 EUR monthly for participating in RIS Talents. The students will be selected through a contest.


Further Information

EIT was founded in 2008. EIT is a unique EU initiative and the only one that completely combines entrepreneurship, education and research. The institute supports dynamic partnership between the leading universities, research laboratories and enterprises in all of Europe. These partnerships are called innovation communities, and each one of them focuses on a specific global problem.

The first six innovation communities are focused on reducing and adapting to climate change (EIT Climate-KIC), on accelerating digital transformation (EIT Digital), creating sustainable sources of energy and improving access to them (EIT InnoEnergy), providing sustainable and healthier food (EIT Food), supporting healthier and longer lives (EIT Health), and managing our planet's raw materials in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner (EIT RawMaterials). Together with the leading partners, they offer a wide range of innovations and business activities.